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If someone comes at you with the CIS-male 'allegation' go:

OH! NO! YOU! DID! NOT! Just assume that I'm not the male half of the ever loving Meta-lesbian Hermaphroditus in the flesh.

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That the spirit! Deny the accusation, and claim to be a cysmaphrodite!

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Lol why does he misspell it, it's cis- not cys-... norm being goofy I guess

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This is Norm's brainchild. In the video he clearly states, " C y s m a l e".
The YouTuber made the spelling error.
I am glad to see you revisited this post. Norm Macdonald is widely regarded as a comics-comic. He is often misunderstood by the general public.
David Letterman was of the opinion that Norm was the smartest comic of all time. I agree.
I'll continue to pepper Saidit with thought-provoking comedy from our friend Norm. It's challenging for most people, because he is an anti-bigot, yet nothing is sacred when it concerns comedy.
A Norm Macdonald AMA would be divine...
Hopefully, someday...

I'm going to post my favorite joke of his. It's not politically correct. It's also not bigotted. It genius from the previewed minds-eye of an innocent, but marginalized child.
Sounds crazy. Saiditors are sophisticated, and generally emphatheic. Seeking alternate world views.
Behold: Sacreligous. Canadian. Norm.
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