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Firstly I want to thank you for staying on this, and helping to clarify the many complex connections and oddities. As you may recall, I am a fan of TheWebofSlime and everything you/it stands for.

However, if you want to convince the doubters, may I suggest you be a little more impeccable?

For instance, the first link leads to a document that shows only who alefantis/brock's lawyer was, not that they were being blackmailed or even what the case was that was being dismissed.

It's great that you're spelling it out for the uninitiated/unconvinced, but I agree with Tom_B that it could be argued that it's mostly circumstantial.

I personally have no doubt that this whole in-group of nasty people are up to some serious badness. However from the PoV of an unbelieving urbane politically mainstream reader, these are just edgy artistes trying to be cool and shocking etc etc.

ETA: Tamera Luzatto is the step-grandmother of those kids. So while technically true that they are not "related", they are family members, and I think you risk discrediting your own hard work in being slightly disingenuous like that.

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Thank you for your input. I'll work on some of that. The challenge I face is trying to keep it all to 10,000 characters. Rarely do I get constructive criticism. Obviously, my mission is to tell the story in the most concise way, possible. My process is merely writing it over and over until I get it right. I still need a way to get the Laura Silsby story in there, as well.

The Luzzatto's ties are another saga, but the Council of Foreign Relations really seems to be a common thread among this group.

Truthfully, I missed that the kids were the children of Tamera's step child and that Bonnie Levin was Podesta's ex wife. I'll have to dig up the interview where David Brock admits that Alefantis and John were lovers. Some weird relationships, there, to untangle.

A Luzzatto is also in everyone's leaked contact lists, too.

I'll have to revisit all that, before my next attempt.

Thank you.

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It's all circumstantial. However, many have been executed for less evidence than that.

IMO it's legit. If the FBI is covering it up, then it's not easy to prosecute this.

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Which part is circumstantial?

They were being blackmailed. Fact.

The social circles contains many known, convicted pedophiles. Fact.

Some of these people have repeatedly appeared in pictures with naked children. Fact.

They are tied together financially. Fact.

I'd be curious to know what aspect is circumstantial, so I can improve my presentation.

I kept to 10,000 characters to perform as summary that could fit on most platforms, but I have a lot more detailed information on each issue. If I sound conclusionary on any specific issue, I have more to back it up and I'd be happy to learn where it needs to fit.

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The circumstantial part where expensive lawyers and their powerful connections will get them out of it so they won't go to prison. So the public won't examine the facts as legit.

I see the obvious facts, and can easily connect the overwhelming number of dots. The CSI brainwashed public will expect 6 sigma certainty, which rarely exists without forensic investigation.

The real issue is that people are generally honest and decent. It's beyond comprehensive that their public officials could be involved in this, so they deny the facts.

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Yeah. "Normalcy bias." You really gotta lead the horses to water slowly and carefully.

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Fortunately, thoroughbreds like yourself keep finding the waters of truth for the rest of us.

Keep it up! :-)

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Fortunately, thoroughbreds like yourself keep finding the waters of truth for the rest of us.

Keep it up! :-)