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maybe MC is right about the episode, BUT the only thing she could play good is a spoild kid in "the Seventies", and thats i do like her JOI video but i dont know if thats real or fake...but its hot

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I even don't want to watch 1 episode of it.

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I've watched the first two episodes and they're not that bad.

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The whole writing staff changed after season 2?

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Charlie Brooker is still writing the episodes but it's lost a bit of its edge.

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Brooker ran out of great ideas - that is all.

Happens all the time. My theory: A writer works for a long time on scripts and ideas, sometimes for years polishing up dialogue and story. Then....oh no! Here comes Netflix and they will produce anything!

Then...oh no! The show is a big hit! Now, in order to CASH IN the writer is faced with the prospect of developing a season 2 in a limited amount of time. So he churns out the crappola, not nearly as slick as his first effort, but hopefully good enough to cash in.

Name the show?

True Detective.

But it could apply to many shows.

What happened to Game of Thrones?

A: they ran out of slick George Martin material so TV writers had to wing it.