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Don't talk to infidels like Edward

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that is an example of an attitude that is purely going against the grain of islam.

you see, even tho i am not born into the muslim religion, i probably understand the core elements of it and better than you do.

may i demonstrate?

one particular story of the prophet that comes to mind is a very well known story of how he used to have a lady that would throw garbage at him.. doesnt everyone know that story? did the prophet strike back at her or scream insults or throw garbage back at her? no, he did not..

in fact, when he passed by her one day and she did not throw garbage at him, he went to see if she is okay?

the prophet of islam lead by example, he showed us to love even those that throw garbage and insults at us.

and yet, airbus tells everyone to ignore me?

oh my, you are good, airbus.

many muslims and many people of other religions, they get a "i am holier than anyone and i am the new sheriff" attitude.


video: shpend limani

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I don't even know who he means by Edward but his inhospitality is not Islamic at all indeed. Apologies on his behalf. Everyone is welcome to learn about Islam.

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