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Only men go down manholes. I've never seen a woman sewer worker.

Also "man" is short for "mankind" or "human".

Also aren't there like a million more important things to focus on? Like their ridiculous homelessness epidemic (which is 75% men), or maybe the fact electricity in Cali is a monopoly that costs .45c per kWh?

Nah, better focus on policing everyday language /s

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I just read where in San Diego, a son, saved his father from a home robbery. The father was stabbed, and the son shot the robber. Wasn't it San Diego, where they decried that you cannot have your firearms handy for emergency(seriously not sure which city)?

Whether that instance, or this gender piece, it makes Henry Makow's article a little more easier to swallow:

I've never cared for Henry Makow stuff, but in the interest of exposing myself to many viewpoints, I read his stuff here, and there; many points of the linked article, 'touched home'.

I mean in fact, the world we live in, seemingly redefines up from down, left to right on a daily basis. At the very least, it's a pattern to pay attention to; at face value, coincidences are one thing, but continued patterns are another; which should bear a greater focus to concentrate; for forward thinking/reaction.

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Interesting. I think there is a lot of trying to "right the wrongs" which is a good impulse. But people abuse that, and abuse people's sense of empathy that comes along with it, and it's instead used as a tool to push agendas and conquer others.

Compassionate people being hoisted on their own petards. And it sucks because the "obvious" way to fix this is to become unempathetic and cold, which so many have done in response. It's a lose/lose for the average person and those in power know it.

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I agree on many fronts. I've delved down the 'fix it road' many times, and it comes back to comprehension. I don't have an answer, as I see a real dilemma being comprehension of any given topic at any IQ.

An example:

While their fix may seem ridiculous, is it? I see it as true "Fuck the establishment, I'll find a way", The observer's obviously 'got it', and loved it, yet as many would think, 'how stupid'.

The bankers know all of these angles, and count on them. They pit one another against each other on silly none issues. Of course there are serious issues, and the oligarchy with their magic cause all of us to ignore them.

As for myself in all of this; I do know, I'm just watching, and witnessing the turd bowl flush, and pointing out the different swirls... lol

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Agreed. People's emotions cloud their ability to think clearly. Our media makes us hyper-emotional, and that clouds our judgement.

And this is no doubt intentional.

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I saw a woman sewer worker.

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Was it April O'Neill?

Are you master splinter?

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Only men go down manholes. I've never seen a woman sewer worker.

Real women go down man holes.

Unfortunately, they look like men...

Also, how often do you look into manholes?. ;-p

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People are getting more and more retarded it seems like.

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At some point soon there will be more retards than normal people.

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It's already gotten to that point. People in power seek to keep the population stupid.

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The quickest thing that comes to mind with this??? "It rubs the lotion on it's skin"...~silence of the lambs.

The only other thought I have on this gender bending, 3rd person, victim creating atmosphere, ripe for psychopaths to be out in the open, is that when you dig up a body in a 1000 years, it's just gonna be bones.

People will simply ignore your damn pronouns, put you on display as an archeological display as either a man, or a woman; as your biology determines. Just saying.

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How much womenpower does your car output?

Edit: This is an empowering statement. Womenpower!

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Simple find text & replace...

"Please read the womanual for more information"

"Practice good time womanagement"

"Ladies go in the wowoman's rest room"


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I'm going to call it now. The document banning it is also gendered. I'mma look this up.

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Ok, first off, the sponsor is the bill is Rigel Robinson. That sounds pretty gendered to me. Why doesn't he change his name and worry about the beam in his own eye before the mote in others?

First off his document directs the city MANager to do some cost assessments on implementing a small part of their bullshit.

It also says that city staff should develop a timeline and financial plan for impleMENting a proposed change to forms. Are they implying that it's men's role to implement things by using that language?

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The wheels are coming off the bus in that town. ;-)

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Shit like this makes me ashamed to fucking lean left. No wonder people want to beat liberals to death using the body parts of other liberals. Somebody needs to be kicked in the vagina over this.

I understand that women and cross gendered people haven't been given their fair shake and guys like me are fighting to fix that error, but this is fucking ridiculous and does nothing but exacerbate the problem.

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I grew up in the electrical trade, my code book(s), covers hand holes, and man holes in depth. I can only wait for the day I'll have to learn 'humanhole'.....

This isn't Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, or a Free Republic; it's Command, and Control!!

What's that mean? What is C2C??? Go read Rand's website, they've got a LOT of information regarding C2C, and the benefits. It's about keeping the populations wherever, and everywhere, constantly tuning in to learn the 'new lessons' of the day. What's correct today, or tomorrow, who knows, tune in, or be fucking doxxed!

It's reactivism, it's learning to hop on one foot until the master says stop, or not. We're being trained to be reactive for acceptance, rather than having any standing, or being able to be proactive.

But, what the fuck ever, let it roll, I'm comfortable in this life, or the next.

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I absolutely love gender neutrality, but the replacement words better not sound like my English teachers satire "personhole cover". Something like "utility access hole cover" works much better.

…Woah woah woah, I am reading the article, and the title is a bit misleading!

California city to ban gendered language like ‘manhole’ and ‘manpower’

Banning is bad, therefore this sounds terrible.

The city voted Tuesday night to replace gendered terms in its municipal codes, like “manhole” and “manpower,” with gender-neutral ones like “maintenance hole” and “human effort.”

That is not banning though.

Well, I'm certainly glad they used reasonable names and not the ridiculous-sounding names from satire! In the case of "manhole" and similar, this is a nice, but largely insignificant change in the municipal code terminology, because who actually thinks of "man" when they hear "manhole" anyway? In the case of other changes, however, like gender-neutral pronouns, it makes me quite happy, as ones like that which are noticeable actually do irk me ever so slightly.

Edit: Also, this says "California city", which led me to believe this was happening in California City, but it's actually happening in Berkley.

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Yeah, i actually think its a decent effort at removing gendered words. It's not a ban, its more like "Moving forward, we shouldn't use these words on these things".

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What does society gain?

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It just helps keep things neutral. While i don't personally care, other people do. Phasing out gendered words is a big agenda for leftists and I don't care either way.

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I don't think it keeps things neutral.

Most languages have gender cases for almost all nouns. Are those countries changing their languages?

If not, then I suspect that there's more to this then we're being told.

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Praise our google overlords for manipulating those people's minds in the right direction.

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Yes, yes, yes, as I hop on one foot, and spin around until they stop, yes my overlords, yes....! lol

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Is this movement catching on in languages that have grammatical gender?.

Edit: for an example

Example: Spanish

The English word "the" = Spanish "el" or "la" depending upon the arbitrary gender assigned to the noun.

  • The beach = la playa
  • The car = El coche

Also, the last vowel in a noun typically indicates the nouns gender...

Example: Roberto vs. Roberta.

Note: a couple of nouns are genderless, but these are exceptions.

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Tom, LMAO! Your thought hit me like a ton of bricks! Espanol is entirely that. HAHAHAHA, Great point!

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Up vote bro! +3.

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I mean, did they expect it to be called womanhole because that's an entirely different can of worms

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"get down that womanhole, pronto!" LMAO!