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Shit like this makes me ashamed to fucking lean left. No wonder people want to beat liberals to death using the body parts of other liberals. Somebody needs to be kicked in the vagina over this.

I understand that women and cross gendered people haven't been given their fair shake and guys like me are fighting to fix that error, but this is fucking ridiculous and does nothing but exacerbate the problem.

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I grew up in the electrical trade, my code book(s), covers hand holes, and man holes in depth. I can only wait for the day I'll have to learn 'humanhole'.....

This isn't Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, or a Free Republic; it's Command, and Control!!

What's that mean? What is C2C??? Go read Rand's website, they've got a LOT of information regarding C2C, and the benefits. It's about keeping the populations wherever, and everywhere, constantly tuning in to learn the 'new lessons' of the day. What's correct today, or tomorrow, who knows, tune in, or be fucking doxxed!

It's reactivism, it's learning to hop on one foot until the master says stop, or not. We're being trained to be reactive for acceptance, rather than having any standing, or being able to be proactive.

But, what the fuck ever, let it roll, I'm comfortable in this life, or the next.

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