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To my understanding you invest in the market and then ideally you take more out in the end. I think you're supposed to pay taxes on that earnings.

But while it's all in the market you can trade it around - free of taxes.

Almost like bartering or trading, doing favours, or gifting - in the real world.

The government doesn't like that. The tax you every fucking chance they get. Sales tax, income tax, gas tax, everywhere a tax tax.

If I buy 10,000 shares from you I pay no tax, not even 0.001%.

Anyone who's in the market ain't hurting.

That ain't fair.

The whole fucking system is rigged and Clinton set up the bank failure in 2008. And Obama just gave the banks the money instead of giving it to the people who would have put it in the banks and boosted the economy.

It's all fucking rigged.

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And they pork barreled the wall st bailout into the automotive industry bailout, so you had to vote for both or neither. Sneaky bastards. "Too big to fail" is also a joke and fraud.

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It means we're too small to succeed.

Socialism for the rich capitalists. None for you.