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Why would a private school waste their time with this rubbish?

A leading London private school has been downgraded by Ofsted for placing more weight on teaching “social justice” than on learning “subject-specific knowledge and skills” while some pupils felt their views were “suppressed” in lessons.

The American School in St John’s Wood, which charges £32,650 a year, was downgraded from “outstanding” in its previous inspection to “requires improvement”.

In November 2021, The Times reported that non-white pupils had been recruited to affinity groups for people of colour, which some parents felt was discriminatory towards their children.

Parents also expressed concern about the teaching of concepts such as “white fragility” to their children.

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If they want their children to move in elite circles they need to train their children to chat elite bullshit.

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Yes. To be a member of the Inner Party, the child must truly believe that 2+2=5.