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Ask Saint Joseph for help

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is the a patron saint for help with this sort of thing?

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Sorry, don't know patron saint. I use Mary, Joseph, St. Michael. God bless. (my Catholic formation sabatauged font apostate false Vatican II folks)

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It's not a question of promiscuity, it's a question of having the resources and education available to know how to respond to a sexual situation without spreading disease. Nobody is handed an STD simply for being "promiscuous," as if it's some kind of punishment for having very common sex needs. They get STDs from not using protection when having sex. And chastity is only OK if you're planning to become a monk or a nun. It's not OK if your'e going to live as a real person in the real world. Sex is normal, and as important and healthy as eating or breathing. A well adjusted person craves sexual intercourse but knows how to be ready for it and protected with correct information.