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Obviously you haven't been reading enough conspiracy stuff.

The corruption isn't just in the USA and the corruption IS affecting everyone else in the world, as it has always done throughout history. The US just happens to be the rusting giant killer robot of the Zionist Globalist Corporatocracy Illuminati.

World War 3 doesn't look like your grandparent's world war. It started with 9/11 and they keep ratcheting it up and it's not going to stop any time soon. I think we're in for a huge financial crash this year, likely Sept-Oct, give or take a few months. If we don't I'll eat my tinfoil hat and start preparing for an even worse crash. The longer they hold off with the Presidential Plunge Protection Team, the harder it's going to hit and destroy soooooooooooo many lives and likely cascade into some kind of marshal law or civil class war. The oligarchs are moving across the oceans.

What kind of content do you feel is under represented?

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Anything else.

Hacker stuff. Jokes. People debating the relative importance of various types of cheese in a four cheese pizza. Art critics. Authors sharing stories.

The corruption isn't just in the USA

I know. And apart from the Yellow Vest stuff in France, I've heard nothing that isn't US-related. It's just about the US and who they're trying to kill. It's not interesting any more. Quite frankly, there's enough corruption without bringing up topics that can easily be warped into strawmen.

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How about the violent Buddhist monks? I don't think the US is deep in that.

Decentralizing is my hacking stuff, theoretical until I make it happen.

It does get tiresome sometimes. That's why I can't do just one thing. Or just sit and read or watch. I prefer to be active.

My #1 project is a story, that I will storyboard to publish as both a graphic novel and a screenplay, to be open sourced to potentially be picked up and made into a feature. I was thinking about eventually publishing a chapter at a time on Steemit to earn some coins. But I have so much refining to do. I've already got rough notes enough to fill half a dozen fat novels. I'm thinking of putting all of that development stuff aside and starting fresh just from memory. I like reading and word craft but I've not honed any writing skills and no matter how I imagine trying to capture it with words it's like drinking from a firehose. Way too much. If I could figure out how to spill and craft and develop it with feedback here on SaidIt I'd seriously consider it. Because I can't, I'll work on my #2 project.

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We need a /s/WritingPrompts.

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I don't know what that is or what you mean exactly but I'll subscribe!

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See the subreddit for an explanation.

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"there doesn't seem to be anything here"

I think you meant /r/WritingPrompts

/u/d3rr I had it in my mind that /r/ would redirect to Reddit? Was I wrong? Did I imagine that? Or are there special cases? Or may be someone nested it in a link.

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Yeah you imagined /r/subname going to reddit, not a bad idea though. You can manually do it though of course (/r/conspiracy). SaidIt does have some kind of writing sub already /s/writing

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I guess I saw it around here enough, but have little interest in Reddit, and never visited.

Yes, I actually have that /s/writing in my To Read list.

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Why did someone mark this as spam?

I guess I saw it around here enough, but have little interest in Reddit, and never visited.

Yes, I actually have that /s/writing in my To Read list.

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If /r/ redirected to Reddit, people'd type it accidentally.

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Because the "R" key is beside the "S" key?

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No, because they're used to Reddit.

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Not what I thought it was. I'm not interested in riffing on a theme or whatever.

I need a kick in the pants or a carrot to "prompt" me into writing. If there's no demand I don't feel compelled to perform.