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How about the violent Buddhist monks? I don't think the US is deep in that.

Decentralizing is my hacking stuff, theoretical until I make it happen.

It does get tiresome sometimes. That's why I can't do just one thing. Or just sit and read or watch. I prefer to be active.

My #1 project is a story, that I will storyboard to publish as both a graphic novel and a screenplay, to be open sourced to potentially be picked up and made into a feature. I was thinking about eventually publishing a chapter at a time on Steemit to earn some coins. But I have so much refining to do. I've already got rough notes enough to fill half a dozen fat novels. I'm thinking of putting all of that development stuff aside and starting fresh just from memory. I like reading and word craft but I've not honed any writing skills and no matter how I imagine trying to capture it with words it's like drinking from a firehose. Way too much. If I could figure out how to spill and craft and develop it with feedback here on SaidIt I'd seriously consider it. Because I can't, I'll work on my #2 project.

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We need a /s/WritingPrompts.

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I don't know what that is or what you mean exactly but I'll subscribe!

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See the subreddit for an explanation.

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"there doesn't seem to be anything here"

I think you meant /r/WritingPrompts

/u/d3rr I had it in my mind that /r/ would redirect to Reddit? Was I wrong? Did I imagine that? Or are there special cases? Or may be someone nested it in a link.

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Yeah you imagined /r/subname going to reddit, not a bad idea though. You can manually do it though of course (/r/conspiracy). SaidIt does have some kind of writing sub already /s/writing

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I guess I saw it around here enough, but have little interest in Reddit, and never visited.

Yes, I actually have that /s/writing in my To Read list.

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Why did someone mark this as spam?

I guess I saw it around here enough, but have little interest in Reddit, and never visited.

Yes, I actually have that /s/writing in my To Read list.

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If /r/ redirected to Reddit, people'd type it accidentally.

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Because the "R" key is beside the "S" key?

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No, because they're used to Reddit.

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You're right. We should bubble wrap everything and put child proof caps on everything.

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It's a UX trade-off. Is it better for people to easily be able to link to Reddit, but people to get annoyed when they click on a link to a Saidit sub that goes to Reddit instead, or vice versa?

But I'm all for bubble-wrapping everything; it's such fun to pop the bubbles!

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Not what I thought it was. I'm not interested in riffing on a theme or whatever.

I need a kick in the pants or a carrot to "prompt" me into writing. If there's no demand I don't feel compelled to perform.