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Thanks for the link. This should really go in /s/worldnews rather than /s/saidit though, which is about this website specifically. But it's ok

That's a lot of people without power! I wonder what the root cause of the failure was

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oke thanks, i will post good sub next time, Yeh sometimes i think about Terrorist or Wars in the future, if you can attack a country Electric or Water system you can cripple the whole country and 1 or 2 weeks without water/sewer system ect can be very serious, maybe diseases brake out + the economy gets a mayor blow etc.

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Yes I agree, it does seem like a weak spot. Especially if can be attacked electronically by hacking, from a distant location.

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ps,what kind of stuff is posted in Saidit sub? its very confusing at least for nonEnglishidiots like me specially when there is NO description in the side page , i still dont get that, on Reddit they atleast have mostly a good description about the Subs, but MOST subs here on Saidit have NO description wtf the sub is about...why is that?

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When you post it says this:

submitting to /s/SaidIt

Please only post things related to the saidit website itself.

If you want a place to post any topic to the community, please post at /s/whatever

However adding more info to the sidebar is a good idea, I will do that now. Thanks.