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Chad's life isn't so glamorous. He works to craft the appearance of perfection, because that's an essential part of being Chad. He hides weakness, but that doesn't mean it's not there. I also think he has a decent chance of being mentally ill, because the most successful people are (and according to the Chad theory women are attracted to certain sadistic mental illnesses).

He's not a loser, but it's also not really all sunshine and rainbows.

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I met a depressed chad once. He had been a college football player but he got a bad leg injury and it ruined his football career, it would never come back fully and he had a lot of pain when he walked. I loved to see it.

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You were nothing but a loser who could never, ever dream of being randomly pity-kissed or pity-hugged by a girl, let alone pity sex.

I mostly agree with the general gist of this post but getting pity-sex is not winning, so this point is kinda moot

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chad is only 1 percent of the population though brocel

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mike tyson was a kid from the ghetto who got bullied and abused, along with alot of other famous pro athletes having pasts like that, but the general point is correct. It was over from the beggining.