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It's not just a bone in your leg.

Height is a sign of childhood health and wealth as well as a predictor of lifetime success and high testosterone.

I mean I love a short guy but I get that going after a tall guy makes sense for most women who want the healthiest kids possible.

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Women date men their height.

What is your height?

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Most normal women want someone taller.

I like a man I can look in the eye.

This isn't necessarily a good thing for the guy.

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Why not?

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he's a pajeet in america. he will be painfully below average

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evolution has made height not matter as much but our brains evolve slower. Like you don't need height much unless you play basketball in this society but in caveman days it helped to see prey you were hunting off in the distance and fighting other men reach was an advantage (height and reach aren't same thing but closely related). Women would be more attracted to that cuz it'd mean the man would have a better chance of surviving, and children of him with those genetics would survive better too.