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you have to crepe my friend. it's the only wey

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People like us have to exist for evolution to work. It's not really a solace but no matter how many times intelligent live might evolve in the universe, incels will emerge there too. The laws of existence are cruel.

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maybe, but humans will naturally always form societies, and within those societies the backbone that keeps them running is always average men. Whats not natural is for the average men in the society to not have their needs met and be neglected, because whenever that happens it ends in disaster. i dont think this incel phenomenon is natural at all

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At least where I'm from the average guy isn't an incel, just a low-tier normie. He'll get into a relationship eventually, just takes him much longer.

But that is besides the point. The higher the percentage of men who got something worthwile to invest their labour in, the better. Politicians should try to minimize inceldom, but us being the outgroup makes it bad for the politician, even if it would technically be the best for the civilization.