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I hail from r/Realcels, which was made because ub2w was banning incels left and right on r/Braincels for no reason. I had an account on .co but I never used it much. I was more of a Realcels/Braincels/BlackPillCentral kinda guy. I would consider these subreddits as the glory days. Good times, I really do miss them.

Braincels was also where I met my buddy /u/David_Allen_Cope1. We became friends in 2018 shortly after Realcels got banned (He messaged me to keep in touch and a friendship just kinda started from there). He's kinda also why I came back to saidit. Haha.

I was on r/incels too but I easily loved Realcels the most. It was an invite-only private subreddit and my god it was the most supremely cozy subreddit to have ever existed.

After the they banned incel spaces off reddit, I must've discovered s/incels at some point. It was probably David who told me about it. It's also how I discovered saidit as a whole.

It was only relatively recently that I've decided to make a return to saidit and the community is so fucking wild. You guys are the most craziest and funniest people I've met in a very long time. Not just the incel subs but saidit as a whole. I came back for the incel community but I stayed for the saidit community. Every day it's always something new.

As to how I discovered s/RealIncels, I saw ClownWorld complaining about it on s/incels, so I decided to check it out, out of curiosity. If he never complained about RealIncels I probably wouldn't have found it.

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My first spot was r/ForeverAlone. Then I made the conscious decision to join .is in 2018. Then eventually I was invited here.

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Ah FAs. Basically incels who are still desperately trying to hang on to the bluepill. As an oldcel, I'm basically forced to go on r/FA30Plus and it's sad to see so many fellow oldcels-in-denial who clearly are suffering and depressed, yet insist on coping by spending money on premium OLD memberships and career cope.

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CareerMaxxing for oldcels might only make sense if he's white, from a wealthy country and trying to marry a woman from some 3rd world country, preferably a really poor one.

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I got directed here via a throwaway sub on Reddit that was banned after a few hours.

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which one

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Don't recall the name but the description was essentially telling people to sign up to s/RealIncels

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I can simulate being anything you want well enough for you to believe it. This is sufficient.