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Sourcing the information, because there has been a lot of political and commercial bias in published material that claims to be science.
There is also CENSORSHIP that prevents this information to be public, even for discussions.
But there is really good evidence that shows that HCQ works well in the early stages

The medicine industry and the involved politicians do not want the corona crisis to end.
That is because they can sell a billion dollar in vaccines and collect billions in research funding.
The corrupt politicians also want the big corporations to take over most of the smaller businesses. So they keep them closed until they have to shut down completely.

For them the Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a curse.

According to studies with 10,000 and more patients the HCQ is 90% to 98% effective against death. And can even stop the disease from starting. The viral load is reduced in a few hours. According to the doctors, the virus is one of the easiest to fight.

So they do everything to stop it.

And because they are very much in control of the media and the science journals since the start of the century, they can publish all kinds of fake studies. Studies that make HCQ seem dangerous and non-effective.
HCQ can be used for heart-patients and pregnant women and is one of the safer medicine out there, if not used in too high doses.

And in each fake study, they tried something new.

  1. They used a person poisoned (murdered by his wife) by an aquarium cleaner to forbid the sale of the medicine.

  2. They used a study where patients near death were given HCQ. Far too late. And compared it with healthy people. This fake science was published in almost every newspaper. This led to the push for forbidding the usage of HCQ by doctors.

  3. An internet webpage was used to establish if the HCQ was effective. This was based on self-diagnosis and the medicine usually arrived far too late. Fake study: No scientific value.

  4. In a study people got HCQ far too late, and it was compared with a group that got Vit-C (that is also moderately effective). In this case the HCQ seemed not to be effective.

  5. A very big study came out. It claimed HCQ did nothing and killed more people. It was published in the peer-reviewed Lancet of all places.
    And this caused the WHO to order to stop all tests in HCQ.
    It had data from many hospitals from many different countries. But something was immediately off. It is impossible to get that data so quickly. The data was too perfectly equal, even with different countries. And the team did not consist of any doctors but of charlatans (and a former porn-star). (could have been the team behind snopes). This study was retracted.

  6. In a big study, people were given 4 times the maximum doses. This killed people. This was on purpose, but the doctor claimed to have mixed up it with a similar sounding medicine. It was done for an American Health agency, and it wanted to forbid the usage of HCQ in all states. It almost succeeded, but soon it was clear that the doses were far too high.

(Check /s/CoronaVirus for many sources,
and Peak Prosperity on Youtube for a neutral and detailed scientific analysis of many of these reports).

And this will go on for ever, there is too much money on stake.
Until these corporations and corrupt people are stopped (and put in prison).


There are some sources that I quickly collected.
I have no direct links to the papers, but they can be found via the articles or videos.
The important details are often discussed in them already.
I noticed that Youtube already deleted some important videos.

Videos by Peak Prosperity by a medical expert.

The expert goes step by step through the paper and shows where exactly the good and bad points are of the research.
Note: He sees the disease as dangerous, based on the statistics (unlike me, because I think the statistics are a mess).

Garbage 'Science': Be Wary Of What You're Being Told
More HCQ Controversies
HCQ+ & Ivermactin Work!
Coronavirus: Politicized "Medicine"
Coronavirus: Debunking The Hydroxychloroquine 'Controversy' (Dr. Chris Martenson)

From /s/coronavirus . Many sources

Yale Epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives If Widely Deployed

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID

LancetGate: "Scientific Corona Lies" & Big Pharma Corruption - Hydroxychloroquine Versus Remdesivir

Hydroxychloroquine: The One Chart You Need To See

Doctor finds another cure for covid-19? Budesonide inhaler gives 100% success (if used correctly) and needs to be studied better.

Hydroxychloroquine And Fake News

Zelenko: HCQ Deniers are “Guilty of Mass Murder”

"How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created"

The HCQ Scandal (How fake science determines politics and causes deaths)

Dr. Oz Discusses the hydroxychloroquine study outcome with Dr. Didier Raoult

Another Highly-Touted Hydroxychloroquine Study Turns Out To Be A Joke ($0.1 drug is not liked by Medicine Industry)

AND ......

Dr Fauci himself..
DEADLY COVER UP: Fauci Approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

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According to studies with 10,000 and more patients the HCQ is 90% to 98% effective against death.

Don't you find it the least bit suspicious that you can't find any actual links to these studies?

I'll give you a hint: the reason you can't is because they don't actually exist. The largest studies I can find are this one, on about 1,400 patients in New York City, which shows no significant change for patients treated with HCQ, as well as this one, with about 4,500 patients in the UK, also showing no significant change. This one on about 2,500 patients in Michigan does show improvement, but far less than what was found in patients treated with azithromycin, and still nowhere near the 90%+ cure rate you claim here.

You casually reference studies with 10,000+ people, compiled all these links, yet didn't manage to actually find any real studies? Come on now.

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He did link them it's in the Hydroxychloroquine: The One Chart You Need To See link. Here's the link to all of the studies