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I hope Voat makes it because diversity and choices in free speech platforms are good for everybody, but if I was a voater I'd be awfully suspicious. Didn't puttitout announce like a year ago he was going to give Voat the tools to run itself so he could step back? Now he's all in and has user's best interests at heart whilst negotiating secret deals. And he did not respond to questions about founder Atko. Hmm...

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voats not gonna make it, rofl.

this happened

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Thanks for sharing. So Puttitout removed a janitor/mod lite user for asking if there is a delete script for a future potentiality when the site is no longer free, ouch. Reading a little deeper there's theories that this isn't the real Puttitout and thus no one has access to the twitter account. Not looking good for Voat, and Gab has fallen too.

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Your welcome. Yea, a janitor was removed for asking a simple question. that in itself is a cause for concern. as soon as i seen that, i deleted my voat account.

yea, gab is done, lol. i deleted my account a couple weeks ago