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"altruistic white people"? please... now you're denying slavery existed? I agree they also had it bad in africa, but I wouldn't classify the people who took them over en masse on those cargo boats to work them for their whole lives for free by force as "altruistic" by any means

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In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries more than 300,000 white people were shipped to America as slaves, urchins were swept up from London’s streets to labor in the tobacco fields where life expectancy was no more than two years.

Hopeful migrants were duped into signing as indentured servants, unaware they would become personal property who could be bought, sold, and even gambled away. Transported convicts were paraded for sale like livestock. White Cargo.

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That doesn't back up the point the white people were "altruistic" in fact quite the opposite. Are you unable to respond directly to the point being made?

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Hello? Please respond to my earlier posts. You're dragging the pyramid of debate down significantly with your unrelated sources and inability to respond in a reasonable way to discussion, so we might be forced to remove you because you're not acting in good faith, nor are you seeking the truth, it seems.

This is your last chance to redeem yourself... Respond to the questions I've brought forward, and don't copy-paste more scripts. If you cannot address the points being made, that's it.

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Slavery my arse .. the Africans populations in the Americas are ungrateful sods, whose ancestors were granted refuge from cannibalism in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

All a ship had to do was anchor anywhere in the Congo delta and they would swarm aboard, a situation that continues to this day.

Witness the testimony of the King of Dahomey who ruled much of the Congo basin, who assumed the throne of that nation at age eighteen in 1822, who died the same day as Queen Victoria in 1901 making him one of the longest ruling monarchs in history.

The only interview he ever granted was to Henry Morton Stanley in 1870, he assured Stanley every person over four years of age within his realm regularly ate human flesh!

Social infractions of any kind, hooliganism or indeed casting one's eyes upon the King guaranteed a one way trip to the town butcher, the victims were auctioned in the market places a piece at a time, thus a customer would purchase a leg for instance..

Or a hand or the liver and would receive a token, then when the whole body was sold the victim would be dispatched and the tokens exchanged for his body parts .. when a fancy was to hit the block foreigners attended the auctions.

For in an act of mercy the King had decreed should a foreign purchaser outbid everyone else, and guarantee the felon was definitely, under pain of immediate death going to be leaving the country permanently, those who wanted to could go to the butchers market and bid.

Jews ran the transatlantic slave trade as well they financed the invasion and settlement of the New World, and sponsored European immigration by way of white slavery during the period of colonial expansion. White slaves in the Americas.

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This is the craziest idea ever. These kids must have a random conspiracy comment generator. Are you going to maintain the continuity with your buddies, and blame Martin Luther Kings wife for this, as well? How were the ancient aliens involved?

The links are particularly entertaining. You need to add some cat pics, and some occult diagrams, and a penis pump.

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the Africans in America are ungrateful sods

… Seriously? That's literally the bottom of the debate pyramid.