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I mark the Professor correct on all counts, and condemn the College and its Board of Trustees for refusing the evidence and for failing to defend her right to speak freely .. the arbitrary decision to terminate Professor Karega's employment reeks of a deeper more subversive agenda.

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There is a massive not-so-subtle campaign to conflate being critical of the policies/actions of the Israeli government with anti-semitism.

This is the same as saying criticism of Theresa May = anti-anglo-saxon.

In this way I wish those with legitimate points about Mossad and Zionist extremists being responsible for 911 etc would use those more accurate terms rather than "jews" did it. Not only does it feed the misnomer campaign, but it instantly alienates anyone of jewish heritage from even contemplating the truth.

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This is the same as saying criticism of Theresa May = anti-anglo-saxon.

Exactly. Saying "jews did 9/11" is about as accurate as saying "men did 9/11". That is, not at all accurate. Throwing millions under the bus because of the actions of a few.

That's how the holocaust happened, while the Rothschilds escaped Germany and ran away. Scapegoating millions of people, and getting away scot-free because of all the dust they kicked up. A whole country swindled by racism, while the actual perpetrators go relatively unknown because everyone is too distracted by the racism.

I guess here he specified "Zionist Jews" but that isn't even correct because there are many Zionist non-jews that are helping these crimes along.

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"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

~Doesn't matter where it originated, it is the truth.

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That's what They want you to think (assuming a conspiracy).

Of course, it'd be easy to find out who's in charge that way, but in fact there are many, many different groups who you're not allowed to blanket-blame. In fact, I think the union of those sets encompasses every human on the planet! This means that instead of being a useful tool to find out the truth, that quote embodies a method of placing blame upon arbitrary groups of people who do not necessarily deserve it, to draw attention away from those who are causing the real problems.

TL;DR: Antisemites don't become right just because people don't want to put up with their shit.

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Antisemites don't become right just because people don't want to put up with their shit.

Exposing/criticizing Israeli participation in crimes against humanity does not make you antisemitic.

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And criticising Isræli participation in whatever doesn't make you not antisemitic. The two are completely unrelated. While it's easier to resort to antisemitism, criticising a nation state (rightly or wrongly) doesn't necessarily involve saying "Jews are evil, kill 'em!"