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Welcome To Fall Edition, of The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit not Reddit! This Quarterly edition will cover vendors from now until just before Xmas! It has been a fantastic Summer for kratom all across the USA. A very dry Indo season, has yielded some of the best leaf to make-up for 2018. As always, more and more online vendors.

New Feature! The $ column will indicate Recommended vendors. We hear you! Its tough to look over 40 different places, when you really need 1 good one to spend your hard earned green bucks. As of press time, those vendors who we see are getting fresh re-stock and really working their end of the business! As always, we include a few old and new and sometimes blue...

This Fall we'd like to welcome New listings for: Benni Botanicals, Fused Flora, Nu Earth and Speciosa Life. Check em out! Popular favorite, Motark returns after long vacation. Many others didn't make the cut... Only 1 Red and 1 White? Sorry. Blends don't count. Please read the header. Rules for this List, been basically the same for two years. We keep a separate list of Candidates who don't qualify in some area. Either prices are too high, or stock too low.

No Retail: This List does not cover retail head-shops/ retail products/ or brands sold in gas stations. IF you're a vendor who is packaging kratom for retail, your prices are probably too high and your quality too low for this List. One online vendor: Legal Herb Shop, sells all of the popular head-shop brands right here.

Help Wanted! If you appreciate this List, and the work we've put into it, please post on Facebook or anywhere. We especially need help posting the Link on any Facebook groups. It would help those folks, and also help these vendors to stay in business. Thanks! Here's the Link. Copy and Paste:

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