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you're most welcome. Working on Summer edition now!

USA Kratom Vendors: Spring 2020 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Thanks. We try to monitor who's active and who's importing from Indonesia, to offer fresh batches of quality kratom. Many on this List are veteran, experienced vendors with lots of satisfied customers - some have Facebook groups, others on MeWe, or MM or just independent...

We have reviewed prices for 100's of ONLINE vendors - many import, basically, similar batches of quality product from the same Indo suppliers located in West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. So Price IS an important factor to consider. Always watch your PPG - Price per Gram!!

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Organic Alkaloids, from Bay Area CA? check past listings.. Removed IIRC you were very low on stock. Almost completely out of stock? And had changed prices, and also Extract was out?

We understand the business, Re-Stock comes and goes. We try to monitor this, every 3 months! Many vendors operate on LOW inventory & we can't recommend those who run out. Thanks!

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yes idk why or how U paid by PayPal since it's not on their website? Long story I guess. Online vending for Meridian is very complex, since they sell many legal, NON kratom herbs (which would be OK for PayPal.) and.. they also sell kratom which is NOT OK for PayPal.. Payments are complicated anyway, the vendor wants to sell product, but many customers don't have Zelle, etc and almost nobody has Bitcoin. Meridian Botanical has been in business for years, I do believe they are swamped right now. That's no excuse but again.. kratom business makes it hard, no thanks to the banks.

PayPal is just bad news. I hope you please don't get the vendor involved with PayPal. Since PP is getting cut-off by Ebay this year, and with COVID etc it's a very very risky situation. Recommend for anyone: DO NOT leave any money in your PP account!!

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Update: Halmahera removed from List. Website down and reports he's out of business.

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Thanks for posting, Meridian is not responding to emails.

The Online Vendor business, runs totally on Email - especially since most kratom vendors in 2020 cannot take bank cards. Email response is a must!! Any vendor who does NOT respond to emails quickly, is the same as shutting the door of their Store. We'll assume there is a problem, but, could be related to COVID-19. Most likely they are swamped with orders?

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I am a customer of Meridian Botanicals they are a well known Herbal shop for many years. Kratom source on Reddit since 2016.. Thanks for the heads-up I will reach out they usually respond quickly to Email. UPDATE - Response to email was slow - Moved this vendor to 'LOW' status, along with SoSa. Many Vendors are getting a huge rush of orders, due to COVID-19.

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Welcome To 2020, and The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit! formerly the Reddit Vendor List 2017. Kratom has come a long way over the past two years. Good kratom is still great, but what has changed? Supply and Demand! Prices and Quality. And the # of vendors has exploded over the past two years. Please Note several NEW changes to this List.

Private Members Only vendors marked as PMO! under Notes. Due to the legal status of kratom, there have always been Private vendors such as Herb Research and DG Botanicals, going back many years. In 2020 we notice a trend toward more 'Members Only' vendors. These require an Application, and approval process before your order will be accepted. State Laws may BAN kratom sales under Age 21+ and, vendors may require a Photo ID scan!

Social Media: Email vendors, or Chat Room vendors, don't get listed here sorry - IF you wanna buy kratom in a Chat Room, good luck but most consumers demand a real website, which shows a vendor HAS invested, and probably will be around tomorrow. Chat Rooms? They come and go. A well established Social Media group allows vendors to provide Customer Service. Currently, MeWe groups are popular! YouTube is also possible, however kratom is banned on Facebook - serious fans of premium quality kratom, should check out!

2020 Changes, new listings and a New Year welcome: Centennial Harvest returns with a nice re-stock - First Coast Tea Co. formerly SoCal Herbal Remedies, has moved to Florida and still offers 9 ounce discount with Code =SAMPLE9 - Meridian Botanicals is the most complete Herbalist on this list! They stock a huge variety of herbs, some very hard to find - Lucky Herbals, getting many great reviews! - Rhino Remedies, an experienced Reddit vendor, now has a MeWe group and strong reviews - Fisher Tea Co. is long overdue here, large selection of quality kratom - Texas Family Harvest, a YouTube Channel vendor, may also be contacted through Double MM forum. Wishing a happy healthy 2020 to all!

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yep, just like Reddit huh? Good to see you here catfather

Trump suspends entry of immigrants who cannot pay for healthcare by magnora7 in news

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Where on the Statue Of Liberty does it say "Means to Pay" ??

I mean obviously those without means are among ppl who need legit asylum; However the world has gotten smaller thanks to the Internet, and does that mean all 3rd world citizens shall now come to America? Speaking as an American citizen there must be reasonable limits.

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Welcome To Fall Edition, of The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit not Reddit! This Quarterly edition will cover vendors from now until just before Xmas! It has been a fantastic Summer for kratom all across the USA. A very dry Indo season, has yielded some of the best leaf to make-up for 2018. As always, more and more online vendors.

New Feature! The $ column will indicate Recommended vendors. We hear you! Its tough to look over 40 different places, when you really need 1 good one to spend your hard earned green bucks. As of press time, those vendors who we see are getting fresh re-stock and really working their end of the business! As always, we include a few old and new and sometimes blue...

This Fall we'd like to welcome New listings for: Benni Botanicals, Fused Flora, Nu Earth and Speciosa Life. Check em out! Popular favorite, Motark returns after long vacation. Many others didn't make the cut... Only 1 Red and 1 White? Sorry. Blends don't count. Please read the header. Rules for this List, been basically the same for two years. We keep a separate list of Candidates who don't qualify in some area. Either prices are too high, or stock too low.

No Retail: This List does not cover retail head-shops/ retail products/ or brands sold in gas stations. IF you're a vendor who is packaging kratom for retail, your prices are probably too high and your quality too low for this List. One online vendor: Legal Herb Shop, sells all of the popular head-shop brands right here.

Help Wanted! If you appreciate this List, and the work we've put into it, please post on Facebook or anywhere. We especially need help posting the Link on any Facebook groups. It would help those folks, and also help these vendors to stay in business. Thanks! Here's the Link. Copy and Paste:

( )

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Welcome To Summer Edition, of The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit! Not Reddit! OK - Dry Season is here, are you ready for some football? No, seriously it's high time for the BEST kratom you'll probably find in 2019. These are the U.S. Vendors who will bring it - Want the absolute best quality, look for P= Premium code in our Notes column. We also try to watch for Re-stocks, but right now everyone seems to be re-stocked. In fact, many vendors are reporting OVER stock. It's a Buyers Market out there!

New for June: Code MEMS = Membership Sites. Apply to vendor for Membership. As protection against payment scams, trolls, fake buyers. Also we have Listed, more MEWE vendors! Have you joined yet? It's the NEW Facebook. Really just forget Facebook, kratom IS banned on Facebook. And to be honest, many vendors on Facebook are over-priced or just shitty. Always watch that PPG! Price Per Gram. ALso you won't find any so-called GMP vendors, or Head-Shop vendors here, Sorry. Only the best kratom!!

Welcome to: Mitra Genie, Mitra-Man, Soultanic, and Spirit Science! The latest premium vendors with a Group or website on MeWe. You'll find their leaf and prices to be among the best. Please Contact and apply for Membership. Also! A BIG welcome back to Kratomind USA! A unique, major Indo supplier with a USA warehouse. We also note: the return of Odus Botanicals! From the Reddit days, many will remember that Odus stocks top quality leaf! Special Notes: Magnum Opus, and Caleb's Concentrates, are TWO vendors listed who offer Pure Extract products.

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Celebrating One Year since the Reddit Vendor Ban! As you can see, this Vendor List is alive and well, maintained and updated on Saidit. Congratulations, you've found it. Pass the word, Cross post, Tell your friends! There is NO other unbiased, transparent, comprehensive Vendor List anywhere on the Internet. We have counted OVER 300 online vendors who are, or were, taking orders for kratom. Not counting dozens who operate on Facebook with no website. Yes there is a HUGE booming demand for kratom!

PPG! Price Per Gram. We hear daily reports of consumers being ripped off, by scammers taking advantage of this demand. Kratom IS the #1 Money Making product sold on the Internet. Don't fall for slick websites, advertising a questionable product, for super high prices. The highest quality kratom may be found right HERE!

New For March: Code MEMS = Membership Sites. Must apply to vendor for Membership. As protection against payment scams, trolls & fake buyers. These vendors promote a quality Premium Leaf, however we believe that ALL vendors do get strong batches of kratom - Judge by the batch, not the vendor! ALSO - No more Blend Codes! We only promote Kratom vendors, not drug manufacturers / those who make products with funny names like Purple Unicorn. Vendors on this List sell real Indonesian kratom "strains" which are already blended. There is no need to change or hide the product name!

Welcome to Soulistic Herbs, the latest vendor with a Group or following on MeWe. You'll find Soulistic leaf and prices to be among the best. Carolina Kratom has a Retail store, and was finally added in response to many positive reviews. Centennial Harvest is back on the List, they were popular on Reddit last year. Sacred Son Tea is just getting re-stocked and was formerly known as Johnson's Botanicals. Goodbye to Precious Mitre, sad to report they are not re-stocking kratom. Golden Rule has raised their prices over the limit.

USA Kratom Vendors: January 2019 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Changes: Over time, vendors come and go. Many are operating on very low Inventory. Profit margins are good, which explains why 200+ vendors still maintain a website on the Internet! Cost for web hosting, is almost nothing. Those who run Out Of Stock, still take orders. We TRY to monitor current status, and update as needed. Please use these Links, and keep track of what's happening!

February 2019 - Welcome Back to EC Botanicals! This popular vendor, somehow fell off the radar last year, after the Reddit ban. Check out the website, they carry an excellent variety. Including Premium strains and extract products! ALSO, another long-time vendor, Legal Herb Shop, is back on the List. They are your online source for a huge variety of brand name, Retail products, extracts, premiums, you name it. LHS is a very unique vendor here. This month, we also welcome Organic Alkaloids to the Vendor List.

Removed: The following vendors have been removed, due to various problems. Best Blends = Out of stock for several months. Super Speciosa = Price hike took them out of range. Mystic Island = Customer Complaints, poor quality, product switching. Bye Bye!

USA Kratom Vendors: January 2019 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Welcome To 2019, and The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit! (formerly the Reddit Vendor List in 2017.) Kratom has come a long way over the past two years. Good kratom is still great, but what has changed? Supply and Demand! Prices and Quality. And the # of vendors has exploded over the past two years.

No More New Vendors. Please! We've now got a database with over 300 "Online Vendors". Yes kratom has boomed, but it's also become the #1 way to make Big Money on the Internet. Anyone can build a cheapo website, buy 20 cheap kilos from Indo and become a wannabee vendor. Some last a few months until their PayPal account is gone, and stock runs out - Buyers should support vendors with reviews AND a history in business. Premium and extract products are always welcome. Backpack sellers are not listed here, but some offer good deals, on small batch quality.

Prices Up, Quality Down? After the Indonesia Post Office stopped shipping kratom October 1st - many vendors ran out of stock. Then, we had a November panic for the second year in a row - This time it was Fake News on the Internet. Most vendors got wiped out, again - Just in time for the Indo rainy season - Most everyone has re-stocked at this point. However there has been a small price increase, around $20 per Kilo on average. We list Quarter Kilo prices, so those changes are shown under Notes column.

USA Kratom Vendors: November 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Haha that Link IS a list of the worst, high-price Rip-off vendors!

Thanks, its good to have the worst Rip-offs in ONE place!

USA Kratom Vendors: November 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Welcome to Winter, End of Year, USA "Holiday Season" for kratom! Current State of the Kratom Market is this. The USA market has been going through many changes, affecting Supply and Demand. Shipping from Indonesia has been delayed, and the FDA "Shadow Ban" continues to affect many vendors, who are now forced to import by Air Cargo. Postal Indonesia continues to be on hold for kratom, which has disrupted export of small packages. We still expect this situation to be resolved, possibly in January 2019.

Import Changes to normal channels, has created a temporary shortage of kratom in the USA market. Currently we are seeing many of the most popular vendors, running very low on available stock. Therefore we have SPLIT the Vendor List: those sellers who only have 100 grams or less, Ounces, are moved to the Out Of Stock category. We will attempt to monitor current supply, and update the list ASAP. Note that recent vendors re-stocks are shown under Notes column!

Black Friday Sales are limited this year, as expected. The following vendors have posted a Sale Thanksgiving weekend 11/23 through Cyber Monday: All Natural Artisan: 10% OFF Red Bali (CODE: THANKSGIVING) - Legit Kratom: 20% OFF Sale Friday through Cyber Monday! CODE: BLKFRIDAY - Smiley Time: Sale 10% OFF $40+ purchase use CODE: 10OFF40 - And finally, Herbaldom: NOT open Black Friday, but is days away from their long awaited Re-Opening!

MANY VENDORS ARE CLOSED this Thanksgiving Weekend. Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

USA Kratom Vendors: Sept 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Welcome to "Peak Season" for kratom! Summer is dry harvest time in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Allowing one month for processing and shipping, vendors should re-stock this time of year, to import the best quality leaf... Buyers should stock up right now! Last year's buying panic of November 15 wiped out the good Summer leaf. Supply and Demand. With booming demand, Indo suppliers scrambled to supply US vendors last December. The result? Many US vendors had sub-par kratom at the start of 2018.

Fresh Stock is happening everywhere now. We attempt to verify, that ALL vendors on this List have current fresh kratom available. Any Vendor who has problems with stock now, is no longer in the game. Payment processing is another issue that has affected most vendors. We have removed several this month, who appear to be closing shop or struggling to stay open.

CODE Deals many vendors offer CODE sales on their website. Standard marketing for online sellers. Many good vendors prefer to offer CODE discounts, every month, while listed prices seem a bit higher. We show CODE under the Notes column for these. Buyers should sign-up for each vendors Email newsletter on their website. Get in on specials. Be a smart shopper!

New Vendors are good to find - New vendors try harder to earn your business. This month we welcome Seattle Organic Supplements, Seven Breezes Botanicals, and Smiley Time Herbals to the list. Seattle has positive reviews since opening their website in June. Seven Breezes and Smiley Time are the two leaders on social media platform. Both of these guys are delivering top quality leaf, and outstanding Customer Service on MeWe.

Backpack vendors are everywhere, it seems... But are they "real" vendors? No! because there is no investment in a business website. Backpack'ers come and go.. Here today gone tomorrow. However, you CAN find good kratom, buying from an individual Stash Seller. There are many good sources on MeWe and Facebook. Times are changing. Backpack sellers can import small batch goodness, and find some great deals. Maybe they are the wave of the future?

LINK: Weather Information for Pontianak, Kalimantan, Indonesia Heavy rains start in mid October.

SOROS EMPLOYEE: Meet The Reddit Executive Who Is Shutting Down Trump Supporters - Big League Politics by useless_aether in politics

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The article is obvious bullshit - Has the writer ever visited r/TheDonald ?

IF anything, Reddit is allowing and encouraging Trump supporters.

Funny how George Soros is the main target of right-wing lunatics .. Last I checked, George Soros doesn't OWN any major media stations like right-wing wacko Rupert Murdoch .. and George Soros does maybe a tiny percentage of media stuff compared to the Koch Bros, the Koch's are WAY out-spending Soros !

Obama's return just reminds us how he fueled the distrust that led to Donald Trump by voter in politics

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So somehow Obama is now, to blame for President Clown being elected? IIRC he pretty much sat on the sideline, while the DNC screwed Bernie and nominated Hillary.

And blaming Obama for American's mis-trust of Big Government, how old is this writer around 19 ? Might wanna check back 35 years to Ronald Reagan..

Americans have been hating on "their" government since Reagan. And getting snookered by the Republicans who allow huge corporations to run amok, rob, steal, plunder at will. Thanks a lot Ronnie. And how about good ole' G W Bush.

USA Kratom Vendors: July 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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July 15 Update: As usual, the kratom business changes month to month. There was another mini panic recently, as Congress passed several bills in the House that could possibly affect kratom. We strongly advise people to settle down and not worry. Understand how the process works, and follow the American Kratom Association AKA website for updates. Kratom is legal and affordable!

Vendors come and go. We are sad to hear that Sourced By Masochista has closed their website to new customers. Masochista was unique, a kind of re-seller offering samples from a variety of USA vendors. Like others who advertised on Reddit, her business may have been affected by Reddit changes.

Also we've removed a few more "Old vendors" who are having various problems, some temporary, some permanent.. Krabot announced they're limited to crypto payments only. Since the majority of customers don't have crypto, we'll put them on the back burner for now. Look for a new article discussing the current payments issue.

We'd like to welcome "New vendors" who have fresh stock and happy customers! Kratomatic is getting rave reviews on Discord, and offers Free Shipping at 50 plus. Golden Rule Botanicals isn't really new, however they're well established with a following on Facebook. A new feature here is the CODE tag under Notes. This month Golden Rule has 25% OFF using the code: BIRD25 at Checkout. Check it out they have some exclusive strains!

Welcome Back to Herbaldom, known for high quality leaf, announced they're back with a Stopgap Restock while they continue to work on expanded Lab Testing and GMP processing at their California warehouse. We are trying to follow the latest news, on vendors' moves into testing and facility improvements. We're optimistic that regulatory problems will be solved, and the industry can move forward, thanks to companies like Herbaldom!

Looking ahead, you're going to see more NEW kids on the block, in August. The kratom business is booming! We're looking at several newcomers who each bring something unique and different, to the table. Exciting times for sure!!

Protester disrupts a Trump rally in Duluth, MN on 6/20/18 with a poster showing a picture of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein together with the caption "Who is Jeffrey Epstein?" by Orangutan in politics

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To be fair, Bill Clinton has also traveled to Epstein's private island.

Maybe we need a List of which world leaders have spent the most time with him?

PeerTube: A 'Censorship' Resistent YouTube Alternative by magnora7 in technology

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Thanks for posting. Especially noteworthy, considering the very recent wave of corporate Google censorship on YooToob .. May 2018 thousands of videos were suddenly taken down with "strikes" out of nowhere.

In June, many of those channels were restored - with NO explanation for why they interfered. It was like.. putting out a notice, they can and will, take down your Channel and there's very little recourse or communication. - State of the Website - 6/29/2018 - Updates and fixes to sorting algorithms by magnora7 in SaidIt

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It's working well. Only a matter of time before more discover this place. Thanks!

Galaxie 500 - Isn't It A Pity by d3rr in music

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Nice one, a George cover! I wasn't familiar with this band, from the 90s right? They do some cool versions, and there is a R.E.M. influence for sure.

USA Kratom Vendors: June 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Fixed! The links default to https. You might check w/ hosting provider to see if they offer a secure server account? So people can surf your website at work lol :) Thanks! is down by Orangutan in AntiExtremes

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AGAIN ... and again, and again, until .... gone :0 - 6/4/2018 - New terms of service updates, ban on vendors by magnora7 in SaidIt

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It's also argued the SITSA Bill cannot apply to kratom, since the Bill is very specific about defining Synthetic Analogues. But we're watching it and AKA attorneys are on it. - 6/4/2018 - New terms of service updates, ban on vendors by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Yes, the SITSA bill has been floating around in Congress for a year. That "Alert" you reference, is for a Committee vote in the House today. So the final Bill is getting marked up & may get a House vote this week.. From there it would go to Senate. It's part of the ongoing fight, and everyone's watching it closely.

USA Kratom Vendors: June 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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June 10 Update: The Kratom business has seen many changes over the past 3 months. Gone are Reddit reviews. Many USA vendors have lost their ability to process Credit Card payments online. We have added "Email" under the Notes column, for those who should be contacted by Email to place an order. Most will send you their Invoice with payment options.

That's a major change to the entire Online Vendor business. Almost half of all sellers now, DO NOT have direct CC orders available! So accordingly we have opened the List to "Private Membership" Email vendors. Visit website to get Email contact info. Others may still order direct through their website.

We have removed several vendors from this List, due to various circumstances. Some have closed, either temporary or permanent. Vendors who appear very LOW on stock, will not be listed.. Also there have been Quality Reports, FDA Recalls, and lawsuits. Those who seem to have a quality issue, or legal problem, will not be listed! According to the AKA, millions of Americans are using kratom with no problem whatsoever.

We'd like to welcome new vendors to this List. Why were they not listed before? When we first developed this list on Reddit a year ago, it seemed that several vendors were just over the line on prices. Also many had no history of legitimate reviews on Reddit, only videos on Youtube. We did not include some Youtube vendors, because advertisements are not valid customer reviews.

In regard to prices, we are not seeing rates change much, in response to the FDA media scare. Competition is as strong as ever! At the Quarter Kilo level, top quality Plain Leaf kratom powder, sells from .12 to .20 per gram shipped. Why pay more? Do the Math and don't get ripped. Of course, Ounces are more expensive and Kilos are less. Support vendors who have invested in their business, websites, and Quality Control. - 6/4/2018 - New terms of service updates, ban on vendors by magnora7 in SaidIt

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One: State laws would be enforced by each state Attorney General, based on who shipped a product into that state.. Obviously any enforcement is directed at the vendor who shipped. Where the consumer heard about the vendor, seems immaterial. Naturally, online vendors want to avoid trouble & be very careful where they SHIP an item. A good example for this is tobacco. Many tobacco vendors sell online. That is against the law in Washington State:

Two: Congress today, is debating several bills regarding the "Opioid Crisis". A big target for today's action is the Silk Road, dark web, trading of fentanyl and other synthetic drugs. It's a huge problem, serious biz... Understandable that does NOT want to be a source, or online portal.

Kratom, otoh, is barely on the radar in these discussions. There is an ongoing debate with FDA, AKA, and other organizations. IF the Federal DEA status of kratom were to ever change, I'd be outta here.. Vendors would be gone, in that case!

Oh.. there ARE many kratom vendors, and kratom Groups, active on Facebook. Direct selling from FB is discouraged. However posting Links, and Info seems fine .. Example: 1 vendor has 8000 subscribers: - 6/4/2018 - New terms of service updates, ban on vendors by magnora7 in SaidIt

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You might as well be asking us to allow people to sell pot on here.

No no no, Marijuana is ILLEGAL on the Federal level, it's a Schedule 1 Narcotic and has been since the 1930's. That's a ridiculous analogy. Pot IS much different than kratom, legally speaking.

Kratom, and other herbal / botanical products, or cuban cigars for that matter, may be illegal under some "State or Local" jurisdictions but that's not how laws work on The Internet. Unless you're going to run your website under the most restrictive legal environment out there ... lets say Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama.

Why stop there? People have been sued for all kinds of offensive speech too. All of those states BAN gambling too - you gonna disallow any discussion of betting on sports here? Promotion of drinking?

I mean ... I understand the Grey Market people connected to Silk Road / the "Dark Web" ARE involved in Federal crimes. There IS trading for Schedule 1 narcotics on the TOR network.. That's completely different from a legal medicinal herb which, has a following 40,000 people on reddit. Thank you. - 6/4/2018 - New terms of service updates, ban on vendors by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Why demonize "Vendors" ?? Is there something wrong or illegal, with being a vendor of a product or service? Maybe you should swap the word "Business" there, and ban discussion on any type of commercial business whatsoever?

Again, selling a product or service online, is not illegal. Reddit WAY over-reacted apparently to some action by Congress. Would you mind explaining what has changed, was there a specific change in the law preventing any discussion of vending or trading?

The claim of Liability seems like a huge red herring. Let's say an Automobile enthusiast joins a forum to discuss restoration of Old Cars. Those people use vendors to buy, sell, and swap old car parts.. Those parts are then used to repair antique cars, which then could possibly drive and kill someone on the road ... Is saidiit now scared of being sued in this situation? Banning any link or discussion of vendors seems ridiculous.

We're discussing and vending, herbal supplements. There is a huge online community of people who talk various food supplements, herbs and botanicals. Not just kratom, ginseng, akumma seeds or Blue Lotus extract. There are bodybuilding people, sports nutrition, etc. All of these supplements are legal. Including Kratom. There is no discussion of marijuana vendors, or even legal cannabis stores, on the kratom boards.

Are you basing this on the "State and Local Law" situation? Could someone please explain that. IF the City Council, in Bumfuck Alabama, declares that wearing a certain type of hat is illegal - Does that mean the Internet / must comply with the Local law in Bumfuck? And so, you're banning Hat vendors?

SAIDIT had an opportunity - to be different than Reddit, to stand on principle. This decision could have waited - Is there an imminent threat of legal action? I'd like to know what prompted the decision.

How many people will remain here? We can "discuss News" all day on Reddit, Facebook, and other forums that have WAY more interesting people to talk with. Thank you.

Kratom Vendors - Introduce Yourselves Here! by kratomite in kratom

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Well, appears the party is over here ... has backed down, and announced they'll be acting just like Reddit. Censoring legal vendor discussion. They've banned the s/Greymarket sub here for starters, and Greymarket was like the only active sub on Saidit ... sad. Bye Bye. - 6/9/2018 - Updated terms and policy to ban vending by magnora7 in SaidIt

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BUH-bye ... No reason to use "Seddit" ( spelling, again? ) when it's just LIKE reddit except ... No Content :)

Iggy Pop's Dog Food - Bourdain Tribute by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in music

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You just know Anthony loved this one, and he played it over & over. Back 30 years ago, when this came out Tony had graduated Culinary Institute and was running the late night shift in NYC kitchens...

Holocaust was a fucking LIE! Hitler was a Rothchild and helped the Joose create Israel with Bush Sr Sr and the whole family is shit BarbBush was Crowleys Daughter! by RickFlairWoooooo in Collusion

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wow I feel sad for The Real Ric, that this turd muncher stole his name. Woooo!

USA Kratom Vendors: May 2018 by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in KratomVendors

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Herbal Salvations was 1 of several vendors who recently had a problem with FDA recall. Any vendor who had product recalled due to salmonella, we have pulled from the List. Thanks for posting!

TIOBE Index | Programming Languages Monthly by NuttinBuddaHoundDawg in programming

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NOTE: I tried posting this as a Link post, but would not allow me to change the default Page Title put there by Tiobe Corporation, to a more descriptive title... Is that a feature or a bug?

Welcome! by kratomite in kratom

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Good start. Let's hope this takes off, I really enjoy the "reddit format" here! Sooooo much better than a Chat Room.

What are we all enjoying today? by kratomite in kratom

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Check the Log ... it's Herbal Salvations Red MD, 1-1 blend SoCal Premo White Sunda - guess they call that a Pink blend? Yesterday I did RVA's Yellow Indo & White Asia. Both batches from last Fall 2017.

11 House Republicans are calling on Attorney General Sessions to prosecute (in no particular order): Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Dana Boente by Orangutan in politics

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That's right. 11 House Republicans, count 'em 11... meaning, this goes absolutely nowhere lol is down by Orangutan in AntiExtremes

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Seems like putt finally got tired of babysitting the circle-jerk of extremist morons over there?