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Welcome To Summer Edition, of The Kratom Vendor List, hosted on Saidit! Not Reddit! OK - Dry Season is here, are you ready for some football? No, seriously it's high time for the BEST kratom you'll probably find in 2019. These are the U.S. Vendors who will bring it - Want the absolute best quality, look for P= Premium code in our Notes column. We also try to watch for Re-stocks, but right now everyone seems to be re-stocked. In fact, many vendors are reporting OVER stock. It's a Buyers Market out there!

New for June: Code MEMS = Membership Sites. Apply to vendor for Membership. As protection against payment scams, trolls, fake buyers. Also we have Listed, more MEWE vendors! Have you joined yet? It's the NEW Facebook. Really just forget Facebook, kratom IS banned on Facebook. And to be honest, many vendors on Facebook are over-priced or just shitty. Always watch that PPG! Price Per Gram. ALso you won't find any so-called GMP vendors, or Head-Shop vendors here, Sorry. Only the best kratom!!

Welcome to: Mitra Genie, Mitra-Man, Soultanic, and Spirit Science! The latest premium vendors with a Group or website on MeWe. You'll find their leaf and prices to be among the best. Please Contact and apply for Membership. Also! A BIG welcome back to Kratomind USA! A unique, major Indo supplier with a USA warehouse. We also note: the return of Odus Botanicals! From the Reddit days, many will remember that Odus stocks top quality leaf! Special Notes: Magnum Opus, and Caleb's Concentrates, are TWO vendors listed who offer Pure Extract products.