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Check the thread I just posted; in NYC the Hasidic Jews (which there are many of), formed an unofficial/secret police task-force, along with an unofficial EMT service for their community (Hasidic Jews). The former is called the "Shonrim", and the latter the "Hatzalah".

For some reason, even though they have documented child molesters among their members who they're hiding due to "an interpretation of the Torah prohibition against Mesirah" (informing on a fellow Jew to the non-Jewish authorities not being allowed), as well as them actively targeting and harassing the African-American community in the city as I discussed in my thread (along with withholding information, hiding calls, crimes and rapes members of their own community have committed from the NYPD, all while dressed as the NYPD and using some of the NYPD's vehicles, keeping all the decals and colors and just painting "Shorim" on it in Hewbrew & English, to harass people and pull them over, which is impersonating a police officer), the NYPD still hosts events with them and allows them to remain in an effort to gain more knowledge from them even though they've put in reports on them catching them hiding information from them, lying and covering up for their community. As well as the noted high amount of assaults and misdemeanors their members have against African-Americans in NYC.

They're having a mini culture-war with African-Americans right now; they're moving into the cheap apartments a lot of black New Yorkers live in, as a group, and use the "Shorim" to harass the African-American tenants, day and night (knocking on their door, saying they received calls about drug deliveries/drug dealing/hookers/cannabis odor, literally anything attempting to scare them to leave, and telling them they need to find new residence). They'll also stalk them during the day and pull them over as if they were real police; there's literally stories on Reddit of people asking what to do (so who's harassing/assaulting/targeting who?).

Again, I have no idea why, but the NYPD is working with them in this area; they keep creating videos and reporting false hate-crimes to the NYPD on their community by African-Americans (as shown in the video in the OP in the thread I linked to), saying they're being targeted when they're not. Despite the African-American community having made attempts to reach out to them and get to know them, with the Hasidic Jews choosing to reject them each time claiming they "want nothing to do with them".