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I often wish I'd never heard of Reddit. From the start - for me - it was power tripping mods, over-the-top racism & sexism, and blatant bigotry. I deliberately lost the password to one account, then created another. Finally, I had enough and joined Tildes and Saidit, as I was having a bit of trouble with my own version of Reddit (too poor to get that going). Tildes isn't free of censorship so I limit my time there. I like Saidit, and hope it doesn't go the way of Voat (a despicable site).

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doesn't go the way of Voat (a despicable site).

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I like to see what kind of shit gets stirred up over there, so when I hear some idiot repeat it IRL, I have already formulated a response.