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    A few people mentioned that they think my belief that this is the most evil time on earth is hyperbole and very self centered. my reasons for believing this are as follows and I'll paste it on other comments saying same:

    • I believe this the time period that the proverbial noose has been tightened the most in the shortest amount of time. global debt has risen by 20% of the global GDP since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic. 20 trillion to put a number on it.
    • guns are being taken away from people at an extremely high rate
    • many governments are spending/loaning massive amount of money without any oversight and based on false pretenses.
    • This is not effecting one group of people or one country etc. The freedoms of every person on earth are being severely limited right now and it's being done in a very round about way. I think about it this way. "Their" figurative and literal secret lie in complication. Not many people understand what the consequences of the things happening today will be for both their and their children's futures in terms of freedoms/opportunities.
    • I view the taking away of freedoms and the ability to ever fight back of everyone on earth as a greater evil then whatever evil effected one group or culture in history. subjugation of all rather than death/suffering/subjugation of few etc.
    • To elaborate a bit, I don't think the world as a whole has ever had their freedom of speech limited as much as is being done right now. Shame,which I believe is one of the most powerful tools on earth, is being used more than ever before to subdue any opinion/discourse that leads to the source of the biggest problems in the world. The power the media wields has even gotten people censoring each other. If you talked about the reasons why the powers that be might want people rioting, you are labeled a racist for undermining the ability of the black community to think for themselves. If you want to bring attention to the hidden wealth of the elite or their pedophile tendencies and associations, you're an antisemite or white supremacist. In one way or another, we're being trained to cutoff any discussion that leads to the most evil people and corporations on earth by calling the people that bring it up a racist. The average person is becoming a weapon to the elite without knowing it and that scares me. I believe this is a part of "the biggest evil" because I believe that our greatest defense against the evils in our world are our voices and speaking about the complicated sources of the problems at hand.
    • These evil people understand the average person is not able to understand the elaborate web of evil they've woven until now and are using technology to focus the attention on simpler problems that are manufactured and maintained by those same evil people.

    I believe the execution of of the final stages of a plan to enslave the entire planet permanently is the greatest evil we've seen on earth. You are free to disagree. but that is my position.