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OK so the first part doesn't make any sense.

If the trains were locked from the inside they could just have opened them.

That's a conspiracy theory too far.

Also note you think you are smarter than the rest and above their delusions but still have to call Churchill bad because you know you will get dragged on reddit worse for saying otherwise than being anti vax.

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The women and children were drugged and then the carriages were locked from the inside by their own husbands who left from the side openings or emergency windows (and then probably locked those too). When the fire started, those who must have tried to escape would have been too confused to figure out another exit other than the main doors and got burnt.

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Indians aren't even human beings, they're perpetual slaves and yes men who are incapable of original thought. Modi sucks and did jack shit and the entire country is filled with drunks and drug addicts. Hopefully the next generation can clean it up but I doubt it. And being a hindu nationalist is based and chad you sound like a cucked faggot.

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Well...I'm happy to see that SaidIt allows free flow insulting. I'll be using it a lot.