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All Glossed Over content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

G.O - Wiki

This wiki page, for now, will be a scratch pad to draft up ideas and future content to share, etc.

Drafts (temporary, cleared for new tasks when done):

  • G.O Draft1 = GOO: Glossed Over Occasionally [template]
  • G.O Draft2 = GOO: A Very Unique Glossary
  • G.O Draft3 = GOO: Classified YouTubes Overlooked A-J
  • G.O Draft5 = GOO: Classified YouTubes Overlooked Pedophocracy
  • G.O Draft4 = GOO: Classified YouTubes Overlooked L-Z
  • G.O Draft6 = G.O: T101 Pre-Series Short Review & Discussion
  • G.O Draft7 = G.O: T101 PProd Overarching Content Review
  • G.O Draft8 = G.O: BsS 1A Reviews + 1B Anticipations
  • G.O Draft9 = G.O: BsS 1B Reviews + 2A Anticipations

G.O - Sidebar

If you are sick and tired of mediocre media, propaganda programming, consumer culture, chaos exploitation, and being told what and how to think by those with stolen resources, then be active in developing better entertainment trying to make the world a better place and put the Machiavellians and their normie lackeys to shame.

G.O - Forthcoming

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G.O - To Do List

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