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Russia’s intense presence in Venezuela is a strategic response by the Kremlin, designed to maintain its position in the battle for world supremacy.

Are Russia's actions more in line with attaining world supremacy or with maintaining a muti-polar world where states (countries) keep their own sovereignty?

I think a look at a list of overeseas military bases and military expenditures by country show that the US has the largest world military spending and presence.

If Russia wanted supremacy, why not annex Syria rather than protect it?

I see the alliances between Russia, China, and Venezuela as a response to the attempted NWO.

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jesus compiled a really good post yesterday about the coming multipolar nwo:

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Great post. Well, and there's the idea that it's like an onion, and that even at the highest level it's just all theater. The whole energy economy and monetary system could be seen as just a game of control, that fossil fuels are not the only solution to our energy needs, nor is currency is the only solution to human beings working with and trusting each other.

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i think one of the many things the architects of the multipolar nwo are doing is to make the nation states so interdependent on each other, to make it really hard for any one country to be self sufficient. and to dismantle this system peacefully, through negotiations. look no further than brexit.
eg, destroy production in the us and shift it to china, energy from russia to the eu, the silk road, foreign investments all over, the imf, wb, wto, etc are like straitjacket on a sovereignty of nations.

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I see it as the first battleground, honestly.