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It's a losing proposition to wait on Rockstar. GTA 6 is going to take years to come out as a buggy disappointing mess like GTA 5 was at first.

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I doubt GTA 6 will be any good, I haven't played 5 but from what I can see, it's not as serious as 4 - the engine, the setting isn't the same, it's less realistic, more arcadey, more akin to the 3D series - can't say it's a terribly bad thing but It seems like a downgrade to me. At this point they're milking GTA 5 to the limit and made multiplayer very dumb and not GTA-like.

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I've felt similarly since GTA 3, 4 was alright but it didn't meet my expectations. I think Saint's Row actually did a better GTA than GTA for their first one before the SR franchise got ridiculous. It was an improvement on what I already liked.

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I imagine that, at this point enough any means necessary assholes have been hired by Rockstar, and/or the money people think that pandering to helps the bottom line (it might, because of the any means necessary assholes in journalism), that GTA6 will be a further, and marked regression towards the mean, and these days the mean isn't much cop anyhow. I could be wrong.