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John McAfee wants to be President yeah .. some pure assh*les have occupied and according to some still occupy that position, means he would not be out of place in the White House at any time.

McAfee says there are inconsistencies in FBI’s Grizzly Steppe Report alleging Russian Malicious Cyber Activity, which is an artifact of the Jew traitor led Department of Homeland Security in any case.

According to John McAfee is wanted for questioning by authorities in Belize, re how his neighbor US expat Gregory Faull ended up dead with a 9mm round to the back of his head in 2012.

That McAfee was allowed to hurriedly flee Belize for Guatemala where he was held in detention before returning to the US, is the CIA which controls politics in both places taking care of its own.


A group all clad in blue jeans, check shirts, similar looking belts and American footwear turned up at the "Wharfies Club" in Brisbane Australia, some time around 1978 .. they looked like hard core CIA spooks.

John McAfee was among them.

The Waterside Workers Federation was disbanded some short time later, along with ninety three out of one hundred and forty nine other Australian trade unions.

In favor of Zionist sponsored super unions, in proceedings initiated by rogue Australian PM's Bob Hawke & Paul Keating.

US Envoy Marshall Green who deposed President Sukarno in Indonesia ushering in genocide on the islands of Java and Bali, who engineered the 1975 dismissal of the Whitlam Government in Australia.

Was another celeb who had been sighted at the Wharfies Club .. so we assert McAfee was in Marshall Green's train, and that he shares guilt with that personage for the Indonesian Genocide.

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Who are you quoting? People'll take you more seriously if you don't quote yourself.

— Me, now.

This seems like not copypasta this time, so it's progress.