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A more accurate title would be A quick walk around a Native, Edible and Ornamental Plant garden

As for what is a Hugelkultur Mound well I haven't a clue? A quick description of that would have gone down well also and might spur further interest in the concept. What do you think?

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I'm planting seeds. This is a small community and we will have time to build rapport. Looks like you already have gained a lot of interest :) I have a very broad scope. Hopefully, saidit can grow through peoples individual dedicated interest.

I do like that title name idea I will be considering that one! Hugel-kultur is german for hill culture. Its a method of burying organic matter to retain moisture and create raised growing surface and provide time release fertility.

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What a clever idea! You don't have to dig holes and you get good drainage from the beds. I too desire to plant some herbs and natives where I am but the best available spot is actually a shallow depression in the ground. I was thinking of filling it in with soil and having a mound too, rather than raised timber borders which is the usual affair around here. I'll look more into the hill culture system before I make a decision.