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Dallas City Council Votes To Remove Confederate War Memorial

The Confederate War Memorial in Dallas’ Pioneer Park Cemetery will be removed. The Dallas City Council voted 11 to 4 Wednesday evening to take it down.

Erected in 1896, it’s the city’s oldest public monument. It sits between Dallas City Hall and the convention center.

Removing the monument is estimated to cost around $480,000. The city must still get approval from the Landmark Commission before the memorial can come down. However, Preservation Dallas warned the council that the removal from a designated historical area would set a “dangerous precedent. “We need to take this down. We don’t need to re-envision anything”, Dallas Councilman Kevin Felder said last Wednesday, February 6, during a briefing session regarding the monument. The city is tasked with a proposal to either rework the 65-foot tall statue with accurate historic context and information or dismantle the century-old monument. Dallas removed its Robert E. Lee statue in September 2017 after it stood in what was then Robert E. Lee Park for 81 years.

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