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This is going to sound weird coming from me, based on my ideological preferences, but if he wants results: immediately eject anyone engaging in bad-faith shit without mercy or appeal, including concern-trolling, entryism, etc.

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My experience with "concern trolling" is that it's usually a charge leveled by progressives to enforce their echo chambers. After one of my old forums went aggressively woke, anybody who fell short of total enthusiasm for the ever-changing party line was condemned as a fascist concern troll.

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Concern trolling is usually extremely obvious. You can tell it a mile away from how passive-aggressive it comes off

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I mean your experience might differ from mine; I'm just a lot more familiar with bad faith accusations of the tactic than with the tactic itself. For me it's in the same category as "Russian bots" or "sealioning"; my default is to assume that the person being described as a concern troll is the sensible one.

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He's going in the direction of "private, curated, invite-only" so so far that seems out of scope of the design parameters