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You've inspired an idea, that I simply can't believe hadn't occurred to me: Make a sub for A+++ CRITICAL CONTENT of concise, well produced, easily comprehended, contextual understanding for the normie sheeple, or on rare occasions longer important documentaries. (Over reading I prefer to listen and occasionally peek at videos played 2x speed (or more) with hands and eyes free for other things.)

Of course, also needed is a second sub for A++ DEEP CONTENT of critically important content that goes far above "good", "great", and even "excellent" to the level of "exceptional". I leave it to the team to decide how they define exceptional, but I'll suggest it be like A+++ but lacking one/some of the criteria: concise, well produced (glossy), easily comprehended, and/or contextual understanding.

In addition to my outdated pre-2020 Truther Newbie Crash Course it seems I need a Critical Skeptics Crash Course with just the most important stuff.

Off the top of my head, these seem most critical and a good start:

The Ice Age Farmer channel (among many other off-grid preppers and urban gardeners) has all the food-doom you can handle on BitChute and YouTube.

CENSORED off YouTube:
Plandemic I Part 1 (22:53) ~ Official Account: Plandemic Documentary Series, 2020
Plandemic II InDoctorNation (1:16:28) ~ Official Account: Plandemic Documentary Series, 2020

Who Is Bill Gates (Full Documentary, 2020)
YouTube or BitChute (2:05:56) ~ Corbett Report Extras, 2020-06-13

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World
How Big Oil Conquered the World (1:11:26) ~ CorbettReport, 2015-12-27
Why Big Oil Conquered The World (1:53:00) ~ CorbettReport, 2017-10-06

CENSORED off YouTube:
The Future of Vaccines
BitChute (41:34) ~ CorbettReport, 2020-12-23

CENSORED off YouTube:
Vaxxed II - Vaxxed The Movement.

They Don't Wand To See People [Harmed By Vaccines] Like Us
BitChute (1:15:33) ~ The Highwire with Del Bigtree, 2021-04-30

Rockefeller Medicine (video)
YouTube or BitChute (44:07) ~ CorbettReport, 2013-11-02

Message From Our Sponsor (2:58) ~ Jello Biafra, 1993

For diverse sources to triangulate in on your own truths:
/s/Surveillance + wiki
/s/DecentralizeAllThings + wiki


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Excellent list! Corbett has some unparalled documentaries. For somebody with his budget, he's light years ahead of the competition.

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I just shared this list with videos on a drive with a neighbour. He's loving it, despite it being doom-porn. I got him woke this summer, but now seeing it all verifiable in detail blows his mind - with so much more still available by Corbett. I just don't know how he's so prolific.

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Yeah, Corbett alone is a red pill by himself.

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god bless you!!!

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I forgot Vaxxed and Vaxxed II, now added.

Also read this A+++ comment: /s/memes/comments/7q3k/it_is_only_a_small_chance/t134