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The second scam where they get you to go to a tea shop. But what's to stop any or all tea shops from doing this? And if these scam tea shops are doing it to all tourists, why aren't they shut down? The city or the local officials don't want these kind of things happening because it'll give them a bad reputation (via social media or otherwise) or drive people away. This isn't a remote village, this is Beijing where the shops can't possibly bribe all the local cops or officials. But no matter what, don't go with someone like that whatever country you're in, even in the US.

The next scam also happens in the US. Street performers or even monks will try and push stuff on you and make you pay. Same things happen here, there or Paris. Yea, we have Chinese monks here on visas who pull scams.

The last one. I wouldn't recommend anyone get in any vehicle either in any foreign city. But funny enough I did that when I went to Mexico. I was at a cruise ship port stop and a local tuk-tuk type driver offered a tour of the city. Being young and naive I said ok (with 2 others) and the driver drove us around for about 40 mins where we saw no other tourists and dropped us off back at the ship without overcharging or us getting robbed. At one point we did feel somewhat scared as the tuk-tuk had no doors and we went through really crowded places where people stared at us.

Anyway, no matter where you go, just be vigilant and don't believe anyone who looks too good to be true. Sad.

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All good comments.

Among other things, these guys explain how the system only protects the rich. /s/finance/comments/mw8/is_chinas_housing_bubble_about_to_burst_advchina/