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With regards to where it should be re-posted, perhaps you have an idea? If you verified this quote yourself, you should have been able to find the book online for free. I doubt you were willing to pay or make an account to do so. Perhaps you can post where you put this?

You're guessing you have an account? An account requires a username and a password. If you can fill those in and login successfully, you have an account. If you cannot, you don't have an account. I don't really see how you can 'guess' whether or not you have an account.

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I don't know what else you're meaning for me to do. I don't know what quote, what book, and why it has to be for free.

I said I can post it on if you share the book with me that you don't want to post yourself for some reason.

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This thread is about the quote 'Well, that's the problem, isn't it?' that the Why Big Oil documentary claims was said by John Rockefeller III. That's the quote I'm talking about. The book this thread is about is 'The Rockefellers, An American Dynasty'. That's the book I'm talking about.

The book is already available on, but you have to have an account to borrow it, and to download it you must also download some other software. You don't have to post it on It's already there.

It has to be for free because most people would be unwilling to pay to verify a quote. If this documentary is for waking people up, people shouldn't have to pay or go through a very long process to fact-check one quote. If a normal unaware person were to go through this documentary, only to end up in that situation, they would most likely be unwilling to go through so many obstacles or pay, and give up on it. So by having the current situation, I believe it restricts the documentary's power to reach people and wake them up.

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Oh. I didn't know about the "borrowing" software. That's new and weird and disappointing to me.

Here's an idea:
Draft up a The Rockefellers, An American Dynasty post for /s/books requesting free/share/available versions online, and maybe ask for a review or whatev, as well as your personal reasons for wanting it, or at least what you care to share. The fastest way to let me know it share the link to your post in the chat #home - and I'll go vote it up and talk it up in chat too. Maybe we can draw enough attention to it that we crowdsource you a solution to your dilemma.