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Every living being in this realm is born with Agency:
- the ability and the imperative to live productively.

Thus, every human being too is born with Agency.

However, usurpers weaponized our curiosity, a part of our Agency,
with narratives to mind shackle and thus de-agency-fy people.

Everyone so de-agency-fied, has also been weaponized:

  • to de-agency-fy others: receive and pass on narratives without real scrutiny
  • to keep one another so de-agency-fied
  • to build and sustain the paradigm and systems for de-Agency-fication

The un-scrutinized belief, acceptance and tolerance of
the Narratives, Paradigm & Systems of De-Agency-fication [NPSDs]
successively received/inherited and passed on, by default, without real scrutiny
thus systematically de-agency-fied and usurped everyone.

Through global, multi-generational, full spectrum de-agency-fication,
Humanity has been so usurped.

Self de-Agency-fication ends with self re-Agency-fication:

the de-Agency-fied is re-Agency-fied as soon as one chooses

  • to acknowledge and cease one's self de-Agency-fication, and
  • to embrace and fully exercise one's innate Agency.

Usurpation ends when the number of people choosing:

  • re Narratives: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) > Narratives [i.e. shun Narratives]

  • Paradigmically: 'To Be Self Re-Agency-fied' > 'To Remain Self de-Agency-fied'

  • System-wise: re-Agency-fying systems > de-Agency-fying systems

In a nutshell, everything boils down to this: PDCAs > NPSDs




(instead of Corporatocracy)

Unshackle one's own mind to unshackle one's World:

  • from selfs de-Agency-fied, become selfs re-agency-fied
  • from elite Dom: a global, multi-generational, full spectrum usurped world
    turn it into usurper-free Dom: a world freed and immunized from usurpation

[Reality] The Narratives, Paradigm & Systems of De-Agency-fication (NPSDs) are for usurpation
[Reality] We are dependent on one another, not the usurpers
[Reality] Everyone is born with inalienable Agency
[New Mindset] Through usurper-free, Creative Collaboration, there is Abundance for All
[Action] Let Us Re-agency-fy Selfs - Let's Collaborate
[Goal] to arrive at Full Spectrum Resolution for All:

  • to end self de-Agency-fication and Usurpation of People and Planet, and
  • to steward Abundance: Paradise on Earth

[How] through Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA):
--- Direct, Holistic, Collaborative & Accretive Dialogue with Periodic Reckoning
[Where] at /s/Collabocracy/ and Community Reckoning Walls
[What] to cultivate & flourish mutually sustaining systems:
knowledge, money, economy, governance, and so much more...

In short, through Collabocracy:
Every person directly exercising their own Micro Agency
contributes towards aggregated Macro Agency
for reciprocal and virtuous cycles of Macro Change


The Plan

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Objective: Selfs Re-Paradise-ing Earth
A. How: 'Turn Away from Evil and Do Good' – Shun NPSDs for PDCAs
1. NPSDs – The Narratives, Paradigm and Systems of De-Agency-fication
PDCAs – Direct, Holistic, Collaboration, Accretive Dialogue & Periodic Reckoning
2. If Paradise on Earth Is Our North Star
Then PDCA Is Our Compass & the Key to Virtuous Cycles of Improvement
3. Case Study: The People of Wörgl Re-Paradise'd Their Town with PDCA-backed Currency
B. Where & When: Community Reckoning Walls & Periodic Reckoning Calendar


Guiding Principles

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Prompt Guiding Principles
1. 'The Parable of the Strong Man' De-Agency-fication in a nutshell
2. 'The Monkey Trap Story' Direct Change - Re-Agency-fy Self
3. 'The Parable of The Woman with a Jar' Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA): Present-minded Periodic Reckoning
4. 'The Blind Men & Elephant' Truth is no one's monopoly, We need:
Direct, Holistic, Collaboration, Accretive Dialogue & Periodic Reckoning
5. 'A Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel' Full systems view is imperative
6. Total Quality Management (TQM) Fairness-for-all Principles
7. 'Hierarchy Subjugates All; Hierarchy divides: disempowers, de-Agency-fies all
Reciprocity Elevates All' Reciprocity unites, empowers, re-Agency-fies all
8. 'The Writing On The Wall' People & Purpose Gathered for Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Reckoning
9. 'Know Thyself, Nothing to Excess, ... Surety Brings Ruin'
10. 'Our Duties As Public Servants' Vigilance against usurpation, prioritize people over systems



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Term Meaning
1 Agency One's innate ability AND imperative to exert one's power
- for one's self-directedness/autonomy
- for one's joyful, healthy, productive being
2 [un]shackled [un]tied; [un]constrained, [un]fettered, [un]restrained, [un]locked
3 de-Agency-fy Cause self / others to not productively exert one's innate power, be it through lack of awareness, or unproductive use of one's power
4 re-Agency-fy Cause self / others to re-exert one's innate power productively
5 de-Agency-fied In the state of not productively exerting one's innate power, either through lack of awareness of one's innate power, or exerting one's power unproductively
6 re-Agency-fied in the state of re-exerting one's innate power productively
7 The De-Agency-fied Those who allow self to be prevented from exerting their innate power productively
8 The Re-Agency-fied Those who cease to allow self to be prevented from exerting their innate power productively. Those who are re-exerting their innate power productively
9 Paradise/Heaven on Earth Outcome optimization through PDCA cycles for improvement


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