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They're men. We despise men over here. And pedo degenerates that wanna steal our wombs.


Too naive or autistic to think they can deny their immutable female reality.

That's it.

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Transwomen are mentally ill men who think they're women based on sexist stereotypes, and it's a fetish for most of them who get off on their idea of what a woman is. Check out to see examples. And now they're taking over female sports, taking women's scholarships, raping female prisoners, and threatening to torture and rape women who question them ( They're even changing the definition of what a woman is to include them while using dehumanizing language to describe actual women calling us "people with vaginas," "bleeders," "pregnant people," and "cervix havers." If you dare speak out about any of this they'll relentlessly bully you and try to ruin your life. Sometimes I can't help but to laugh from how ridiculous this shit is.

I have to say the vast majority of them look hideous and creepy as fuck. The fact that doctors and surgeons are enabling them to look like freaks of nature who can't pass as women at all is not just unethical, but evil and cruel as well. All of the transwomen I've met in real life have given me the creepy vibes because they're deranged, unstable men. And they're allowed into intimate female spaces as they please now.

And why should we play make-believe with them when it's impossible to change your sex to begin with? They do nothing but lower the quality of life for women so that's why we hate them.

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Go to my blog, hit the sidebar and read the long list of posts on the trans thing. I collect good resources because female bloggers (especially lesbians) are being shut down for criticizing this very powerful group of often violent, male supremacist, fake-victim fetishists. Although I write on them occasionally myself, my sidebar includes stellar academic articles, lists of trannie crime statistics against women, argument dissections, and plenty of articles outlining all the reasons and ways male trannies hurt women and girls.

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In my country Poland there are no creeps males who look like females and no one cares about this shit because there are more important things like high unemployment because of corona pandemic. There are beta males who can't compete with other males so they think it would be better to be female or women who have been raped so now they want to be a man - it is not transsexualism just mental problem.

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They hate trannies because women want to keep their easy mode life to themselves, and trannies try to get in on it (it doesn't work, they'll just make it worse for themselves 99% of the time). Additionally, trannies are like an amplified version of women, without the shield of sexual attraction that makes people glance over all their bs. So, trannies are like a curved mirror that amplifies unflattering things, and women hate to look into.

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90% of trans people are mentally ill or depressed/suicidal and fake that they are really trans because they just need attention. Transsexualism has always been very uncommon among people like 0.1% of all population were trans. This is basically when males are born somehow with XX genotype (females with XY genotype) or they lack testosterone (women don't respond to female hormones) and IT IS EXTREMELY RARE. So it is just laughable that nowadays it seems like 10% of populaton are trans and this is problem number one in the world. Most men who want to be a woman are fucked-up mentally psychos and porn-addicts. In animal world this is mimicry - males change look to more feminine to attract/rape females. You see I also have more male brain than female brain and I don't want to be a man, I don't know maybe trans activists will try to persuade me that my mind is broken and I should be male ?? It is ridiculous how many people want to change sex because of unfounded/just bullshit reasons. Also women have right to pee in only biologically female toilets. No one wants creeps with penises in female toilets. Trans people can pee next to tree/wall whatever and shit in panties just like men do it. I don't care. And there's no shit like "assigned gender" people are born male or female.

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We should all hate trans people, but not as much as radfems do. They really do fixate on it.

A lot of radfems are just Christian boymoms who hate TIMs making a mockery of manhood.

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Why we should hate all trans people? lol are you ok?

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Shooo, go away troll

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Most trans men are just fucked-up creatures who are aroused that they look like a woman.They have erections when they touch their fake breasts. Just another male fetish.

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Nobody is denying that gender disphoria exists, or would have had any animosity towards trans people if they hadn't started making all of their problems into our problems..if they would have shown some semblance of respect and stayed in their lane, we would've been fine but apparently that was too much to ask (bc, you know, women are always responsible for everybody else's bullshit and must always sacrifice themselves to make others happy even though no one cares about any of the horrors we go through..(maybe the question you ought to be asking is why do so many people hate women..) Anyways, fck those self- obsessed freaks. Some of us have better things to do then make up fake little gender identities to get attention and feel special.