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not being able to oppress women makes men depressed

That's why the country they hate most is Sweden and the country they love most is Russia. At least that's a common theme among men: how terrible "the West" is and how much better non-Western countries are. White men in particular romanticize Eastern Europe. According to all objective standards, life for men is better in Sweden than in Russia: higher life expectancy, lower suicide rate, more happiness, etc. But they associate Sweden with a society that makes it hard for men to hurt women and Russia with a society that makes it easy for men to hurt women. Therefore, all these "men's rights activists" worship this shithole that is Russia.

Ultimately, being able to hurt women is more important for men than not being oppressed, exploited, and poor themselves.

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Russia is based because they never had a brown/black moid for president 🤗

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Libfems in west are no better

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The first quote is spot on!

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