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I don't understand this entire "coming out" mularky.

Here's my reasoning why I think coming out is hogwash,

I'm married and I don't discuss my sex life with anyone. Plus, when people come over to our home no one even sees our bedroom. In fact, because my husband is almost 30 years older than I am the majority of people don't even think we're married.

Same thing with homosexuals,

No one would know that they're gay if they just stopped flaunting it in everyone's face. When a gay couple goes for a walk together there will be people that are going to think the worst and be disgusted but 97% of the people won't care at all. Sure enough that I believe homosexuality is a sin and talks to me about it then I'll state my beliefs. However, I'm not going to break down someone's bedroom door to stop them from doing whatever it is that they're doing. All I'm saying is keep what's private PRIVATE.

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    You might not but that's exactly the type of thing that would happen throughout history.

    It seems to me that homosexuals like to meddle in politics and if what's going on today is any proof then they're politics are extremely messed up. So my question is: Were the homosexuals being persecuted because of the kind of sex they were engaging in or because everyone feared their far-left beliefs?