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Abbie is just fine. Until the day she arrives at the psychiatrists office due to a prolonged period of depression and anxiety. It takes minutes up to an hour for Dr. Felix to transform Abbie...Po0o0o0o0F into Abbie-normal. Dr. Felix pulls out his trusty black bag of SSRI's and Benzodiazepines zzzzzzip. Lets see, Abbie take this pill for three months while paying attention to your state of mind and other bodily issues to see if this pill and its side effects works for you. Oh yeah, don't forget it could take several trial phases with different pills to find the perfect one for you. Don't worry the Pharmaceutical industry is spitting these SSRI's out like candy...we will find one for you even if it takes a year. sarcasm

I agree there a need to create a new way of dealing with individual mental health issues other than pills. I enjoy learning psychological information, reading studies and the such. Psychology has value yet, deep down inside me there is something not right or not on the spot with psychiatry. The treatment focuses on the patient containing or has an issue and the idea of society/culture is never to blame. Culture is not going to change for you, therefore you must be the problem. Or the doc cannot do anything about culture so why not you and I talk and eat some pills so we can get you acclimated to the culture that is contributing to you mental state of mind.

create a great day...

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basically agreed.

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As the developer of the one exact science of mind, I fully agree with this approach.