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I call this feature request "No Politically Motivated general subs; explicit identification of political subs"

The Problem: Through incestuous relationships and machinations, a left-wing group of moderators have seized control of many normal subreddits. This has turned many of them into leftist echo chambers, rather than actually interesting subreddits available to everyone. Furthermore, this has led to an attack on opposing narratives in these subreddits and the removal of information, such as the race or religion of a perpetrator. /r/Politics /r/News & /r/Worldnews are examples of these. While generally leftist, there is some of the reverse such as /r/The_Donald/ although it is clearly not generalist.

The Solution: General subs such as news, politics, and worldnews would have to be moderated in an apolitical manner as part of an agreement with the administration, and the administration must keep this intact. The privilege and labor of moderation must be part of an agreement to moderate fairly. General Subs would no longer become the personal fiefdoms of Mods. Politically motivated subs would be permissible, but they would have to explicitly identify as such, and could not be a general sub appealing to all of the userbase. Where possible, Administration would seek to diversify sub moderation by selecting a variety of political views to form a moderation team, rather than an insular group.

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That's an interesting idea, but I also feel that political motivation and shilling is far from the only type of shilling that goes on. I could see this helping, but I don't know if it would solve the issue.

Plus I think subs like news, politics, and worldnews are already moderated in an apolitical manner, according to the admins who run it (even though it's not).

I like your thinking, but your proposed solution seems exactly like what reddit tried to do, which eventually failed unfortunately.

I like where your head is at though.