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Has: "popular/new/my subreddits"

"ready for something new? subscribe to some new subreddits"

"search subreddits by name"

"YOUR FRONT PAGE SUBREDDITS" and "multireddit of your subscriptions" on the sidebar

Also, can't sign into the lounge; not sure if it's disable or I've already fudged up my password

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Thank you, very much appreciated! I'll start whittling away at all these reddit references over the next few days.

The login password is different for the Lounge than it is for your reddit account. You're not the only person having this issue, but we're working on it. Try your username as your password, which may work but probably won't. Or as a temporary workaround, you can create another account. Sometimes it spontaneously fixes itself after you logout and log back in, or clear your cache.

Alerting /u/d3rr for this issue. We still haven't figured out what triggers it or what resolves it

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The lounge (chat client) username is your antiextremes username and your lounge password is in your ae preferences, it's called "IRC client password". If you changed that IRC password that would break things. We're still getting the integration dialed in.

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Ah you already taught me this and I forgot. My bad, I'll remember now. There's a lot of stuff to remember. Thanks for the help

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Yeah there's too much to remember. I have a user preferences update ready to go with better documentation that should help.

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I think we finally got them all, and then some extras on top of it! The only thing left is that the URL is, which I'll work on.

Let me know if you catch any more.