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The amount of destruction he and his /r/AgainstHateSubreddits minions have committed all over Reddit is for the internet history books. I already know about him targeting /r/detrans, I know that Bardfinn hates both /r/detrans mods Helena and Ben/GNC_centric to the bone. A 46 year old man obsessively hating on two 20 year old young women like he does is rather creepy actually. Don't even get me started on his intent to secretly data-mine and profile every single Reddit user who has ever used a subreddit he doesn't like. I wonder what he will do now that Reddit have deleted most of the subreddits he long wanted to see gone. I really don't think he will go back to being a regular redditor. I believe he will just obsess over a whole new set of subreddits whom he will falsely accuse of being Nazis and white supremacists. BTW, I see there's already an /r/detrans mirror here: Their mods obviously made sure to create a mirror here because they know he's not going to leave them alone. He won't rest until /r/detrans is gone as well. They should all just move over here already. No point on remaining on Reddit with this ghoulish vulture encircling the sub waiting for the right moment to strike. It's a war of attrition where obsessed zealots like him have the upperhand because everyone else has lives away from Reddit and doesn't have the time to obsess the way he does. He's literally like the guy at the casino stuck to the slot machine.