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Check out s/3Drequests

If anyone is interested in learning how to use 3D modeling software and doesn't know where to start, leave a comment below. Blender is free open source software and very easy and fun to learn, I can send you some good beginner youtube tutorials and help you get started.

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Thanks for creating these 2 subs!

Also check out /s/computergraphics. I feel like there's another I've forgotten.

I've animated, art directed, and directed (also live-action) in studios and solo in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, etc. Mostly TV commercials, but also music videos, shorts, movies, TV, etc 1996-2010. For tedious reasons I took a decade off, not by choice.

I know too many packages to list but am keen to go 100% opensource including Blender, GIMP, etc. I may take a while to learn them deeply, but I expect I won't be switching once I commit.

Before I go learning anything, first I need to finish the 2 most "important" screenplays that I can come up with. These projects are not directly related but support each other. "Bittersweet Seeds" is my primary project, a hard-sci-fi cautionary tale screenplay that I will storyboard completely, then finesse the illustrations, and publish it as a sort of graphic novel. I realize the comics industry is collapsing, but this is not a comic book - and the subversive story, hopefully, should differentiate and propel any success it may find. Once storyboarded, I can create a board-o-matic, then animatic with rough sound and keys. Hopefully at some point funds can be raised to either shoot it live action and/or animate it. I try to keep everything open and transparent developing online, linked below, though I haven't updated for some time.

The supporting "Trutherism 101" is the supporting project, an animated series of short comedic philosophy exposing the lies of the establishment. I could link to some very very old concept stuff but it's all sooo far out of date and unclear it's better to be uniformed rather than misinformed.

These are my life's goals and I have nothing else "important" to do, and everything else is distraction. Sure I have other projects lined up, but they pale in importance.

In addition to these projects is a more difficult project for me than the creative stuff - the management. "Glossed And Profound" is a new open crowd-sourced model for project development and production management that will be transparently published as it develops, refines, and evolves with public feedback and participation - and rewards if successful. More: /s/GlossedAndProfound/comments/ony/glossed_and_profound_content_overview/

If you're interested I can provide much more information on my characters for both projects. T101 only has 2 main characters, and 1 setting. I have many development sketches them but only shared these online. This character will need to be rigged at some point too.

If you're serious I could draft up some detailed model sheets for you. I'd also need you to record all your hours worked on it (round off to 5 or 10 minutes) with details and for your files to be shared online too (I will do my best to archive everything). Credit, even if only as aliases, will be given. And hopefully we can all benefit eventually. Right now I'm starting from zero.

Assuming you're interested, there is absolutely no hurry on this T101 character as my primary focus presently is my BsS project. It might even be wiser to just wait for me to wrap up my first draft as it may be year(s) before T101 actually has scripts and begins pre-production. But it might be a fun - or have a look through some of my other characters. - me, a work in progress - mostly really old stuff - screenplay/storyboard project in progress

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply- I promise I haven't abandoned the new subs. I plan on posting daily character sketches very soon, I've just been busy the past week. I encourage you to learn Blender, it is competitive with other paid 3D and 2D animation software, it's very very impressive especially with their latest 2.8 updates. You won't regret it.

Your projects definitely look like something I'd be interested in contributing to. I pm'ed you a private folder with some of my old art, I like to work in a variety of styles. To answer your questions below, this was just a freestyle exercise with no other plans, it took about an hour and a half. I'd be happy to create a model of your T101 character if you want to send me your other sketches. I enjoy sending WIPs and getting feedback if you want to participate in the process, I can send you my discord.

I have some ideas for animated shorts that I've been creating assets for, but my animation skills are limited. I was going to try to collab with someone eventually, would Glossed And Profound be a good resource for that?

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Nice work!

I'm wondering if you just freestyled it or started from a sketch or few.

Was this an exercise or have you further plans?

Will you be rigging it? Adding shaders? For a project?