The language of Sayers, including abbreviations, memes, shorthand, and culture (including Reddit residue).

Abbreviations (alphabetical)

AFK = away from keyboard
ASOIAF = A Song Of Ice And Fire, aka Game Of Thrones, see: /s/ASOIAF

BRB = be right back
BTW = by the way

CCM = corporate / commercially controlled media
CST = critical shower thoughts (also critical thoughts or shower thoughts), deep insights, pontifications, reflections, and ideas that stick in your head like peanut butter to the top of your mouth, see: /s/C_S_T ; /s/CriticalThoughts ; /s/ShowerThoughts

EIFT = enough Internet for today, see: /s/EIFT
ELI5 = explain like I'm 5, used when you want someone to explain something in the simplest way possible

FFS = for fucks sake
FML = fuck my life
FOMO = fear of missing out
FTW = for the win
FWIW = for what it's worth

IKR = I know right
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMO = in my opinion

LMFAO = laughing my fucking ass off
LOL = laughing out loud

MIC = military industrial complex
MSM = corporate legacy "mainstream" media

OnA = Opie And Anthony, The Opie And Anthony Morning Radio Comedy Show, the /r/ona fan club group, the /s/OpieAndAnthony unruly asstroll mob

PotUS = President of the United States

RBF = resting bitch face
Redditor = a nickname for a Reddit user, a portmanteau of "Reddit" and "editor"

SaidItese = a shorthand language of (like legalese is for legal speak)
SaidHead = a nickname for a user
SaidItron = a nickname for a user
Sayer = a nickname for a user
SCotUS = Supreme Court of the United States
subsaidit = a category, channel, classification, community, feed, sub, subject, subscription, thread, etc.

TIL = today I learned, see: /s/TIL

WPD = watch people die, subsaidit of videos of people dieing, see: /s/WatchPeopleDie
WPDTalk = watch people die discussion group, see: /s/WPDTalk
WPS = watch people suffer, subsaidit of videos of people suffering, see: /s/watchpeoplesuffer
WPS = watch people survive, subsaidit of videos of people surviving close calls, see: /s/watchpeoplesurvive

WTF = what the fuck

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