The New York Times fiasco exposes the true agenda of Progressives. They don’t want to eradicate racism as they claim, they want to concentrate and weaponize it so it can be used to shut down their political and ideological enemies. by useless_aether in news

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I don't think it's that deep of a conspiracy, just a by-product of the "leftist equality efforts" it is easy to identify and vilify white supremacists, but when the racist is a minority, it is easier to overlook and dismiss as innocuous.

People are just making a big deal over nothing, the real problem is the media oligarchy and Corporate controlled news and media. They use powerful physiological manipulations to segregate the population, and misdirect our efforts and attention.... and they own 90% of the mainstream media.

Given that nonsense and junk science have so thoroughly defeated science and common sense, and now rule with an iron fist, then how could science ever triumph again? by JimAtEOI in JordanPeterson

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Mainstream US news has always been vacuous and demeaning.. now it's gotten even worse, approaching tabloid levels of dignity. You have to dig deeper and practice some critical thought. Scientific method is not going anywhere..