Saidit is back online after a few days of attacks by magnora7 in SaidIt

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@magnora7, you need to understand something. We were a community of 100,000 people. There are communities trying to shut us down. Twitch, SJW's and people that tried to leech but found out people doesn't want to watch them. Even the FBI will roam this sub because we are here.

So stay vigilant

Socialism is awesome by lil_peter in Capitalism

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Than why does all the big banks donate to demokkkrats instead of republicans? Socialism has never supported itself. Name 1 country living off socialist trade.

Looks like r/t_d is moving to by useless_aether in The_Donald

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Oh shit its up and running!!!

Is there an active mod on this sub? by stars_in_blue_major in The_Donald

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Magpie hasn't been active in over a year....

Saidit is back online after a few days of attacks by magnora7 in SaidIt

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/s/Ice_Poseidon2/ We are the Purple Army. 100,000 strong at one time trying to regroup after our reddit was banned over and over. This video will explain a little bit (kek)