What Did TYT Do With 2 Million Dollars Of User Money For Reporters? Source Discusses Mass Layoffs | Jamarl Thomas by robertjordan18 in WayOfTheBern

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Part of the transcript:

"Somebody who is close to the company, she told me (the following). I don't know how much of this is actually flat-fact true; but within the context of what's taking place, it makes sense.

(She told me) that there were monetary issues. And from the monetary standpoint...let's say, there were overpromises to investors. Essentially, there was inflation of the number of people who were signed up (to TYT). And with that overpromise to investors, there was a gap that was created - meaning, the expectation versus what they could deliver (to investors).

And this particular gap that was created, they had to close it.

Some people were leaving (TYT) because of the "vote Hillary" stuff. Some people were leaving because of all the influence on Trump. But ultimately, that gap had to be closed, and the way to close it was by throwing people overboard. And by firing some people...meaning, Nomi, Hannah, and some of the people involved in the process. ...

What was clear, especially in the statement from Nomi, is that she did not necessarily want to go. She seemed heartbroken about the whole thing, saying that this was the best job she ever had."